August is such a fun and busy time! Children are anticipating going back to school. Moms are busy shopping for all of the back-to-school sales.

Remember the first days of school? What is one of the first things your child brings home? Yes, a fundraiser request!

There are many school fundraiser ideas! But…’s best to keep one thing in mind; the economy. With the tough economy do you really want to ask your relatives, friends and neighbors to buy something they don’t need? Do you really want your children to go door-to-door to strangers’ homes? Do you really want to have to deliver all of the products when they come in? Do you like to keep track of the money collected? Wouldn’t you feel better about asking them to purchase daily personal care items on sale and donate a certain percentage to your child’s school?

How about suggesting to do an online AVON school fundraiser? They can purchase any items that they use daily such as cosmetics, makeup, hair products, fragrances or any of the other items in the Avon brochure. All they would have to do is order the items from my website with a certain code I would give you. They pay with a credit/debit card and the products would come directly to their home. I would donate a certain percentage of my profits to your fundraiser by sending you a check. How easy is that?

I can help you organize an easy and profitable online fundraiser for any non-profit organization. Contact me to get your fundraiser started today.

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  1. Unknown

    what a great idea!new follower from bloggy moms!

  2. Disney Diva Tips

    Hey Mary, Thanks for the messages. I am now following you back. Have a great weekend.

  3. Jerri at Simply Sweet Home
    Jerri at Simply Sweet Home

    Hi Mary. This is Jerri from Simply Sweet Home. I sent you an email the other day to let you know that you were one of my Bubble Chocolate giveaway winners. Not sure if you got it or not.

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