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By shopping Avon books online customers can find the best Avon bargains. To find the best price in an Avon book online view the latest three Avon campaigns. Avon customers can always back order from the previous two Avon campaign books. For example, if the latest Avon book is campaign 1, customers can order from Avon campaign 1, campaign 26, and campaign 25. Never miss an Avon sale! 
The Avon current campaign book 1 is the first Avon book for the new year 2015. Take a look at the new year beauty and fashion bargains. There are over 365 fabulous year-end deals! The Avon campaign 1 book is about taking care of You. The holidays are just about over, but there’s one more person you need to care of….You. Take advantage of all the great deals in beauty, fashion, fragrance and make Me Time important.

Quilted Duffle

 Avon quilted duffle


 Avon Cardi

Slimming Color Block Dresses

Avon Color Block dress

Lace Tunic Tops

 Avon Lace Tunic

Cushion Walk Boots

Avon Cushion Walk Boots

Avon Slippers

Avon slippers

You can view all Avon books online for the Avon Campaign 1 book at http://mbertsch.avonrepresentative.com.  I would love to become your online Avon representative. Stay informed of the current sales, promotions, coupon codes and products. Email Mary any questions you have about the products or ordering online. View the latest Avon book at my online Avon store.

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