Avon Brochure 1 2013

Ordering Available December 7, 2012 through December 20, 2012

Current Avon Brochure

What’s New in Avon Brochure Campaign 1 2013?

Bring in the New Year 2013 with AVON’s dazzling deals! Check out all the new Avon Products in Avon Catalog 1 2013. Why buy Avon products? Avon’s products are reasonably priced but high quality. Avon’s promise to you: If you are not 100% satisfied with Avon products, you can exchange or return the products and get a full refund. Try them for yourself with Avon’s Guarantee! I dare you to compare the prices with the local grocery and department stores. Order Avon products online and the products are even delivered to your front door. You can’t beat that deal!

These are only a few hand selected Avon specials I found in Avon Brochure 1. View the entire Avon eBrochure for more incredible offers from Avon. 

Remember the Avon Guarantee! If you’re not 100% satisfied, you can exchange or return any item and get your money back. When buying Avon online, save your packing slip with your return label. Call 1-866-500-2866 for Avon Customer Care with any product problems and returns.  Get the no risk guarantee with Avon! 

 Why not try a product today?

Avon brochure 1 2013

Unplugged for Him Eau de Toilette Spray

Avon Abrianna earrings

Abrianna Necklace and Earring Set

Silvertone or Goldtone
Avon Glazewear Eye Color
How to find the best Avon price for an Avon product?

Looking for the latest Avon brochure sales? Did you know you can order from three different Avon campaigns at one time? You can back order from the two previous Avon campaigns by shopping Avon Brochure online. Follow these steps to get the best Avon price available from the current Avon Catalog.

  1. Click “Shop Now” to find the Avon products you want.
  2. Write down the Avon product number.
  3. Click “Quick Item Entry” or “Shop by Product Number”.
  4. Use the down arrow to enter the product number for all 3 campaigns available.
  5. Add the Avon product to your shopping bag for each Avon campaign.
  6. Compare the prices offered in each Avon campaign.
  7. Delete the two highest priced product from your shopping cart.
  8. Congratulations! You have just found the lowest Avon price for that Avon product.
  9. Proceed to Checkout and pay with your credit/debit card.
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