Avon Brochure 2 2013

Ordering Available December 21, 2012 through January 3, 2013

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What’s New in Avon Brochure Campaign 2 2013?
Bring in the New Year 2013 with AVON’s dazzling deals! Check out all the new Avon Products in Avon Catalog 2 2013. Why buy Avon products? Avon’s products are reasonably priced but high quality. Avon’s promise to you: If you are not 100% satisfied with Avon products, you can exchange or return the products and get a full refund. Try them for yourself with Avon’s Guarantee! I dare you to compare the prices with the local grocery and department stores. Order Avon products online and the products are even delivered to your front door. You can’t beat that deal!
These are only a few hand selected Avon specials I found in Avon Brochure 2. View the entire Avon eBrochure for more incredible offers from Avon.
Remember the Avon Guarantee! If you’re not 100% satisfied, you can exchange or return any item and get your money back. When buying Avon online, save your packing slip with your return label. Call 1-866-500-2866 for Avon Customer Care with any product problems and returns.  Get the no risk guarantee with Avon! 
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Get Ready to Save a BUNDLE with these 5 AVON Bundles!! 
Avon brochure 2

 What a Deal? 

Night Magic Bundle

 BUY ALL 4 FOR $9.99=Savings of $16

  • Night Magic Cologne Spray
  • Night Magic Roll-On Antiperspirant Deodorant
  • Night Magic Shimmering Body Powder
  • Night Magic Perfumed Skin Softener 
Avon brochure 2

  What a Deal?

Naturals Raspberry and Hibiscus Bundle

BUY ALL 5 FOR $9.99=Savings of $23

  • Bath Pouf with Holder
  • 2 Shower Gels
  • Body Spray
  • Hand and Body Lotion 
Avon brochure 2

 What a Deal?

Foot Works Bundle

BUY ALL 5 FOR $9.99=Savings of $20

  • Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel in Luxe Lavender
  • Lavender Comfort Foot Soak
  • Lavender Clay Mask
  • Lavender Overnight Cream
  • Pedicure Tool 
Avon brochure 2

 What a Deal?

Skin So Soft Soft and Sensual Bundle

BUY ALL 5 FOR $9.99=Savings of $17

  • Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
  • 2 Shower Gels
  • Creamy Body Wash
  • Ultra Moisturizing Body Lotion
Avon brochure 2

  What a Deal?

Naturals Kids Bundle

BUY ALL 5 FOR $9.99=Savings of $15

  • Outgoing Orange Bath Sponge
  • Finger Paint in Outgoing Orange
  • Outgoing Orange Body Wash and Bubble Bath
  • Amazing Apple Detangling Spray
  • Detangling Comb

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