Avon Campaign 11 2013|Avon Catalog 11 2013|Avon Bug Guard Plus

Avon Campaign 11 2013|Avon Catalog 11 2013

Avon Bug Guard Plus

 Avon Campaign 11 2013 Catalog online orders starts April 26 and ends May 9, 2013

What is featured in Avon Campaign 11 2013 Catalog 

Avon Bug repellent

Avon Campaign 11 2013 Catalog features the popular Avon Skin-Soft Soft Bug Guard Plus Insect Repellent. Why is Avon Bug Guard Plus so popular? Avon Bug Guard Plus is America’s #1 Deet-Free repellent. This is my most popular Avon product I sell in the summer. My customers just have to have this Avon bug spray before they go camping, hiking, hunting, fishing and picnicking. Unfortunately, summer time also brings bug. Many of my customers say, “When is the Bug Guard Plus going on sale? I need it for my vacation and don’t want to be without it.”  I stock up on Avon Bug Guard Plus so I have it in my inventory when my customers call. Make sure you are ready to guard your family against bugs and insects this summer. Avon Bug Guard Plus goes on sale in Avon Campaign 11 2013 Catalog.

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