Avon campaign calendar 2022

Have you been looking for the current Avon Campaign Calendar 2023? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by new Avon representatives.

Good News! Now you can easily find the ordering schedule to plan your orders.

What is an Avon Campaign 2023

Avon has 26 campaigns in the year. Campaigns are your two-week selling period.

Each new Avon brochure corresponds to a campaign. The brochure is just like your storefront with exciting new products, sales, and promotions.

How Often Should I Place an Avon Order?

Avon campaign calendar 2022

You can place your order any time during the Avon campaign.

I advise placing only one order per campaign since you will be charged a shipping charge for every order.

Inform your customers which day they need to have their orders in by writing the date on the back of the brochures. This can be done by manually writing the dates, attaching labels, or using a stamp.

When is My Avon Order Due?

If you are a representative, you must place your orders by 11:59 ET or 8:59 PT on the closing day to count as an order for that campaign.

After you sign in to your avon.com account, you’ll see a reminder of when the current campaign closes on the top of the screen.

Orders will ship within approximately 2 business days after being placed.

Find Avon Campaign Calendar 2023

Here is the latest Avon Calendar 2023 so you will know when each campaign begins and ends.

You can download and print this calendar for ease in knowing when to place your orders.

Thanks for checking out my blog post on finding the Avon Campaign Calendar 2023.

Welcome to your new business! May you have many successes in your new at-home direct sales business.

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