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Win Avon Campaign Mailer Contest

Avon Campaign Mailer Contest
 Avon Campaign Mailer Contest for Referrals!

 Find out how you can enter to WIN an APPLE IPAD PRO!
  • At the prompt for “How did you hear about us?” use the drop-down arrow for “Avon Representative” and enter Mary Bertsch as your referral.
Avon Campaign Mailer Contest
  • Contest ends August 31, 2016
  • Sign up for Avon Campaign Mailer for the first time as an Avon rep or Avon District Manager OR
  • Refer another Avon rep or Avon District Manager and have them enter your name as the referral (please enter my name, Mary Bertsch)

Mailing Avon Brochures

Saving time and money as an Avon rep is very important. Are you looking for tips on how to free up some time with your business?
The Campaign Mailer is a great option for mailing out your Avon brochures. For a reasonable fee, your books will be sent to anywhere in the USA.
Today is a great time to sign up and enter the Avon Campaign Mailer contest.
This Avon Representative’s mail preparation service will deliver the campaign brochure to your customers at bulk rates without you having to meet the bulk rate requirements.

How to Use Avon Campaign Mailer

It’s quite simple to use Campaign Mailer. Determine which of your present customers you want to give brochures to.
Do you want to mail Avon brochures to local customers and online customers? No more driving for hours and wasting gas.
Just supply your customers’ names and addresses and your contact information.
You can even put your eStore address and coupon codes on the catalogs.
Sign up for Campaign Mailer today and you can receive a test Avon brochure with your personalized information sent to your home.

Steps to Mail Avon Brochures

  1. Pick the schedule that best fits the RPS that you are in
  2. Know the prices (the more you send the more you save)  See the Campaign Mailer Prices below.
  3. Sign up for this Avon mailing service. You will receive a free sample brochure sent to your home.
  4. Log onto your account.
  5. Add your contacts
  6. Fill out your Representative Contact Label
  7. Order with the appropriate mailer.

Avon Campaign Mailer Prices

Just like when you order brochures from Avon, you will save when you send more with Campaign Mailer. The best deal is when you ship 100 or more books each campaign. The price per catalog is at $.99 each. You can choose to send only the main brochure or also include the Outlet and Living Magalog.
Avon Campaign Mailer Contest

Enter Avon Campaign Mailer Contest

Are you ready to get started with Campaign Mailer?
Get your entry in for their great giveaway for an Apple iPad Pro today. Hurry as this contest ends on August 31, 2016.
At the prompt for “How did you hear about us?” use the drop-down arrow for “Avon Representative” and enter Mary Bertsch as your referral.

How to Buy Avon Products Online

View our latest Avon online brochure for your favorite cosmetics, skincare, jewelry, and perfumes. Discover the latest in beauty & fashion with this year’s most iconic looks. Find the top Avon products.

How to Join Avon and Earn Extra Money

If you want to earn extra money or work from home, selling Avon may be for you. You can create your side hustle, become an Avon representative online, and make some extra cash.

Selling beauty products online is another avenue to generate income through blogging or being a beauty influencer on Instagram.

You can take advantage of the freedom and flexibility of working from home by starting a side hustle. Why not learn more about becoming an Avon representative if you want to make part-time money?

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