Avon Reference Code 2022

Looking for an Avon reference code as you are signing up to sell Avon?

As you don’t want to join Avon without a mentor to help you be successful, enter an Avon reference code from an established and successful representative.

Enter reference code mbertsch in the signup process. You will then be joined to Mary Bertsch’s team.

Presently I’m selling at the President’s Council level by selling over $100,000 worth of Avon products. I’m also a Gold Leader with Avon.

Use Avon reference code mbertsch now as you fill out the application to join Avon.

Have you ever experienced a 9-5 job where you’re getting nowhere?

I hear you BUT… What if I told you you can start your own business at home with a minimal start-up cost, a free website, and free online training?

If you are ready to learn more about my successful journey in selling Avon, read how I explain the facts about becoming an Avon Representative.

Hope to talk to you soon!

  • How much does it cost to join Avon?

    Currently, in 2023, you can join Avon for $0, $5, or $30. The “Join Avon for Free” cost is a limited-time offer. The $5 is an ACS contribution. With a $30 fee, you get a starter kit worth over $100 + brochures + a free website.

  • How do I sign up with Avon?

    Become an Avon representative within 5 minutes by filling out the application with your name, address, email, and SS# at joinonlinenow.com. Immediately you will be an Avon rep.

  • Is it free to join Avon?

    The join Avon for free promotion is extended through 03/15/22. The low startup fee for becoming an Avon rep is a $5 donation to the American Cancer Society. These low-cost direct sales opportunities are limited-time offers.

  • What comes in an Avon starter kit?

    Avon Starter Kit

    Choose from an Avon starter kit for $30. The kit changes frequently.
    Best Sellers Starter Collection
    $30 ($195 value)

    *Farm Rx Bachuchiol Eye Cream (6 samples)
    *Mega Effects Liquid Eye Liner
    *Avon True Color Glimmersticks Diamonds Eye Liner
    *Avon True Color Glimmersticks Waterproof Eye Liner
    *fmg Glimmershadow Liquid Eyeshadow
    *Avon True Color Be Blushed Cheek Color
    *Glimmerkiss Liquid Lipstick
    *fmg Cashmere Lipcream Satin
    *Avon True Color Makeup Setting Spray
    *Tone Up Primer
    *Dew Kiss Lip Balm
    *5 Customer Avon Brochures, 5 The Edit Magazines, 1 Avon What’s New Catalog

  • How much do Avon reps make?

    Avon earnings chart

    New Avon reps make a 25% commission. When they reach the Premier level of selling of $5,000, they earn 30%. The earnings increase throughout sales levels to earn up to 50% of sales.

  • Is it worth selling Avon?

    Absolutely! I’ve reached the top Avon sales level, Inner Circle, and earned 50% commission on all in-person and online sales.

Become an Avon Rep – Avon Reference Code 2022

Avon Reference Code 2018

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