Beauty Lovers Wanted

Recently Avon placed an anonymous ad online stating “Beauty Lovers Wanted“. The job opening was for men and women interested in selling skincare and makeup. The job description stated you could make your own hours and work with your own clientele. Avon did not disclose the name of the company they would be working for. The applicants came in for interviews and were encouraged to do the talking about their goals and desires.

Avon interviewers told them a little more about the 128-year-old company. They stated that this company is one of the largest makeup color palettes in the world. The interviewers also stated this company has raised more than $500 million for Avon Breast Cancer Awareness. Then the applicants were told that the beauty company was AVON. Their reactions were amazing! View the Beauty Lovers Wanted video to see for yourself what they said.

Become an Avon Representative

After the applicants were told more about Avon, they were asked if they wanted to become an Avon representative. These applicants answered the ad for Beauty Lovers Wanted and found that Avon was what they were looking for. I found this an awesome way to teach people about the Avon opportunity. Believe it or not, alot of people don’t know about the amount of money you can earn from selling beauty products.

Make Successful Avon Business

I have built a successful Avon business since starting in 2008. At first I only sold to people I knew, known as the warm market. Later I branched out to anyone I came in contact with. Everywhere I went I had Avon brochures in my purse. I would put brochures on doors, in businesses and at vendor fairs. Then I started thinking about branching out by selling Avon online. I started writing a beauty blog in 2010. I was so excited after getting my first Avon direct delivery order. I continued to research how to market Avon online. The result was $1000 to $3000 of Avon sales every campaign. From the dedication and love of selling Avon, I have earned many awards, trips and products. I am also a Unit Leader with over 30 reps in my downline. Helping others earn money by selling Avon is my passion.

Beauty Lovers Wanted

Avon Beauty Lovers Wanted

So I also want to post an Avon Beauty Lovers Wanted ad. I’m looking for you! Whether you are a student, mom, dad, blogger, or online marketer, selling Avon is the answer. If you are tired of a 9 to 5 job, start your own business for only $15. You have the opportunity to achieve financial freedom by selling beauty products that your clients will love. Work from home and choose your own hours; part-time or full-time. It only takes a few minutes and $15 to become an Avon Representative and start an exciting Avon career.

Avon Causes

Becoming an Avon rep means more than selling beauty products. Avon has raised over half a billion dollars for Breast Cancer Awareness and supports the Speak Out Against Domestic Violence programs. Be proud to work for a company that empowers women from all walks of life. Come answer my call Beauty Lovers Wanted.

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