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Best Bug Protection for Families 
Avon Bug Guard Review
by MomTrends 

Read this great review for Avon Bug Guard by Nicole Feliciano from MomTrends. Nicole has allowed me to post her Avon Bug Guard Review article dated May 15, 2012. Check out this article and more on Mom Trends Here.  Mosquitoes love me. I’m a big, bug magnet. I admit to even using the harsh stuff to avoid being eaten alive when I enjoy the great outdoors. This weekend I tested out the latest from Avon: Bug Guard Essentials. We took them in some tough terrain–even an evening party along the Housatonic. Score? Bugs 0 Nicole happy.
The line has four elements all in the Skin So Soft family (prices range from $10-$16) and include  anti-itch spray, bug sprays and combo products that provide sun protection and bug protection.
Best Bug Protection|Avon Bug Guard Review|MomTrendsBest Bug Protection|Avon Bug Guard Review|MomTrendsWe tested the Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Picaridin ($14-$16) and Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Lotions ($14).
First let me tell you how much the kids loved the Cool ‘n Fabulous Disappearing Color Lotion. It came out bold, bright blue. The girls cheered, and then when we rubbed it in, the blue went away without much effort (the girls were a wee bit disappointed they wouldn’t get to be blue all day). So to recap the color vanished but the protection didn’t. A great sunscreen, and,the best part? The bugs stayed away. Even during horseback riding lessons. This line is DEET-free and works to keep mosquitoes and ticks at bay while giving kids the full protection of SPF 30.
Later that day we headed to a cookout on the river. I knew the bugs would be blood-thirsty after the long winter. We only applied the Bug Guard Plus once and were able to enjoy hours outdoors without a nibble.
Right now you can get this awesome tote and eight products for $50
Best Bug Protection|Avon Bug Guard Review|MomTrendsShop the line here:
And for some  fun, check it out! The new Avon Bug Guard game is now LIVE on Facebook!
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Thanks, Nicole, for a wonderful review and testimony of the Best Bug Protection for Families, Avon Bug Guard.

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