Christian Work At Home Moms Needed! Legitimate Work from Home Opportunity!

Legitimate Work from Home Opportunity
Why I Started My Avon Business?

Over three years ago I found myself looking for a job. Due to repetitive use of my hands at my previous job at an accounting firm, I became afflicted with arthritis.  No longer could I sit at a desk for 8 hours a day using my calculator, computer, stapler, telephone, writing, etc.  What type of job could I do?  I searched the classified ads in the newspaper and online but I couldn’t find anything that didn’t require repetition.  I could remember the pain I suffered from my previous job and knew none of these jobs would work.  I finally resorted to the fact that I would not find a job.

One day I found an Avon brochure hanging on my door.  I hadn’t seen an Avon brochure in a very long time and found the products and sales very interesting.  Inside the brochure was a flyer advertising the Avon sales opportunity. I had never thought about going into sales before.  The startup fee was minimal and the advantages were many.  I decided to give it a try.  I loved challenges!

Well, today I am a successful Christian Avon sales representative and a Unit Leader of over 25 representatives.  It didn’t happen overnight.  It started slow and I continually worked very hard at increasing my customer base.  I loved the challenge.  Each campaign I made a goal to increase my sales.  Yes, this can be your success story also.

I would love to train you to do what I do.  For only $10 I can get you started on your own work at home job.  The neat thing about this business is that I do it from home; when I run my errands, when I go to the doctor or dentist, when I meet my friends, when I have Church functions, when I eat out, when I go workout at the gym, when I go to the grocery store and bank, and many more.  I have met so many wonderful neighbors.

Avon, a 125 year-old trusted company, is the largest direct sales company. The name makes selling Avon easy. The best part of selling Avon is that you will earn a guaranteed 40% on your first four campaigns if these orders are a minimum of $50.  How easy is that?  I stocked up on my products during this time also.  So when do you want to get started?  You can even join online.  Use my reference code mbertsch at  The minimal fee is $10 to start and you will receive by mail 20 brochures and sales training materials.  You will even get you own website for free.  How neat is that?  You can view online training courses that are super informative.  I will also give you support and training so that you can be as successful as I am. So let’s get started!

Reference Code—mbertsch

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