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  1. Mark

    Help me! As a young boy growing up in the 60’s my mom regularly bought an Avon liquid hair product in a small red squeeze bottle. I’m trying so hard to recall the name and get a picture. I think it had white lettering on it. It totally kept my hair in place

    1. Mary Bertsch, Avon Rep

      Sorry, Mark, I don’t recall that discontinued Avon product. The good news is that Avon carries many quality hair products today. I’m sure you can find something similar. Check out the Avon haircare products. https://www.avon.com/category/hair-care?rep=mbertsch

      Thanks for shopping Avon!
      Mary Bertsch, Your Avon Sales Representative

  2. Pat Lamb

    please put moisture therapy lip balm in stock thakd

    1. Mary Bertsch, Avon Rep

      Pat, I do have some Moisture Therapy Lip Balm in my inventory. Please email me your request and I will mail you some.
      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Your Avon Representative, Mary Bertsch

  3. Richard

    My wife is looking for forgive & forget eye makeup remover pencil by Avon.
    R A Misener. [email protected]

    1. Mary Bertsch, Avon Rep

      Richard, I’ve never heard of that eye makeup remover. Find the Avon eye makeup products we currently carry.

      Thanks for shopping Avon from my online store.

      Your Avon Representative, Mary Bertsch

  4. Dave Davenport

    Hi Mary, I would like to find some Mirror Shine Spray. I seen some on Ebay for $20.00 each without the sprayer, I know I never paid near that amount. Do you have any? Thanks! Maxine

    1. Mary Bertsch, Avon Rep

      Maxine, I’m sorry I don’t have any Avon Advance Techniques Daily Mirror Shine Spray that has been discontinued. I would be careful purchasing this on eBay as that product is expired.

      Please check our current hair treatment products.

      Let me know if I can help you with any other questions. I offer free shipping on $60 online orders.

      Your Avon Representative, Mary Bertsch

  5. Marjorie L Alexander
    Marjorie L Alexander

    I’ve been searching for years for a discontinued fragrance from Avon called “Provocative”. Any chance you can steer me to finding it ANYWHERE??

    1. Mary Bertsch, Avon Rep

      Marjorie, Sorry I don’t have that Avon discontinued fragrance. You might want to try Amazon.

      Check out the Avon perfumes we currently carry.

      Thanks for shopping Avon!

      Mary Bertsch, Independent Avon Sales Representative

  6. Gretchen

    Do you happen to have any tomorrow perfume? It has been my favorite for decades and now I keep ordering from people on eBay or Amazon and it’s not the real stuff!!! Help!

    1. Mary Bertsch, Avon Rep

      I’m sorry Gretchen, I don’t have the Avon Tomorrow perfume in my inventory. Have you tried any of our new fragrances?


  7. Rebecca Carol Darrow
    Rebecca Carol Darrow

    do you have any idea how difficult it was to get to this website. I have a Avon Santa led lites that I purchased many years ago and it one of favorite item to display at Christmas, The Electrical -plug got separated from the item and I am now trying to find the Santa on line, but your web site is so difficult , I am willing to buy one.,

    1. Mary Bertsch, Avon Rep

      Sorry, Rebecca, I don’t know where you could purchase that product. Have you looked on Ebay? How many years ago did you purchase this?


  8. Avon Beauty with Mary

    I'm sorry I do not have that shade of Ultra Luxury eyeliner in my stock. Take a look at the current shades available online…https://www.avon.com/product/ultra-luxury-eyeliner-66113?rep=mbertsch. Hopefully one of those shades will be close.

    Thanks for checking with me about shopping Avon eyeliners.


  9. Unknown

    I am looking for the discontinued color of BRONZE in the ultra luxury eyeliners. I'll buy several, if I can find anyone that has them. Thank you.

  10. Avon Beauty with Mary

    Hi Michele,

    No, I'm sorry I do not have the Expert Precision Tweezer in my stock. Check out my eStore for other great Avon products. https://mbertsch.avonrepresentative.com/


  11. Michele

    Any chance you have an Expert Precision Tweezer in your stock?

  12. Avon Beauty with Mary

    I'm sorry to report that the Avon Flavor Savers have been discontinued. A great replacement is the Avon True Color Lip Balm. It comes in 5 shades with a hint of tint and instant moisture. You can buy these online at https://www.avon.com/product/avon-true-color-lip-balm-55990?rep=mbertsch. Save 10% online when you use code WELCOME10 on any size order. Always gets free shipping on $40 orders at https://mbertsch.avonrepresentative.com.
    Thank You for your continued business!

  13. Anonymous

    I'm in a panic – just went to reorder the only lip balm i've used for about 20 years & its gone. Avon Flavor Savers in Cherry. I always bought it like 20 or 30 at a time & went to stock up again….i'm freaking out. Seriously!!! I've tried so many other products & don't like them. Is there any way to get some of these??? How long ago did they get discontinued? Omigosh….i'm so upset.

    1. Penny Taylor

      That really stinks, a lot of products I liked are gone too, I tried dew kiss lip balm and it is great. Also you can find cherry lip balm at the drug store sometimes.

      1. Mary Bertsch, Avon Representative

        Hi Penny,

        Avon has some amazing new products. Did you know we have a clean natural plant-based skincare collection, called Farm RX? Check it out https://www.avon.com/product/clean-skin-care-76185?rep=mbertsch

        Thanks for shopping Avon products!

        Your Avon Representative, Mary Bertsch

  14. Avon Beauty with Mary

    No, I'm sorry I do not have that Avon product in my inventory.

  15. Anonymous

    Do you have an August Angel Birthstone Ornament?

  16. Avon Beauty with Mary

    No, I am sorry the Derek Jeter Driven cologne has been discontinued. Avon does have lots of great men's fragrances that would make great Christmas gifts. Check out the Avon men's cologne sales here. https://www.avon.com/category/men/fragrance?c=repPWP&repid=07659965

    Thanks for your inquiry. To buy Avon online view my eStore http://mbertsch.avonrepresentative.com


  17. Anonymous

    Any chance you may have Derek Jeter Cologne "Driven" My son wants for Xmas?

    email [email protected] – Lisa

  18. Avon Beauty with Mary

    Hi Elaine,
    Unfortunately you cannot order from campaign 10 now. My current Avon campaign is 13. You can backorder out of campaign 11 and 12. The good news is that Avon has sales often on their products. Hopefully the same sale will be in future Avon campaigns.
    Thanks for your business.

  19. Anonymous

    CAN I ORDER FROM CAMPAIGN #10? I have spent the last hour searching this topic and cannot find the answer. My email address is [email protected]. Thank you, Elaine McCord

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