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Discontinued Avon | Discounted Avon Products

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Before you leave, check out all the NEW products Avon has. If you haven’t looked at an Avon brochure in a long time, you will be amazed at what we sell today. You can view the complete Avon Book page by page online by clicking the red link below. Take a look at a few of the categories that I have listed for your shopping ease. Become one of the many customers who love the quality and affordable Avon products. There’s sure to be something for everyone in your family!

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  1. CAN I ORDER FROM CAMPAIGN #10? I have spent the last hour searching this topic and cannot find the answer. My email address is [email protected]. Thank you, Elaine McCord

  2. Hi Elaine,
    Unfortunately you cannot order from campaign 10 now. My current Avon campaign is 13. You can backorder out of campaign 11 and 12. The good news is that Avon has sales often on their products. Hopefully the same sale will be in future Avon campaigns.
    Thanks for your business.

  3. Any chance you may have Derek Jeter Cologne "Driven" My son wants for Xmas?

    email [email protected] – Lisa

  4. Hi!
    No, I am sorry the Derek Jeter Driven cologne has been discontinued. Avon does have lots of great men's fragrances that would make great Christmas gifts. Check out the Avon men's cologne sales here. https://www.avon.com/category/men/fragrance?c=repPWP&repid=07659965

    Thanks for your inquiry. To buy Avon online view my eStore http://mbertsch.avonrepresentative.com


  5. Do you have an August Angel Birthstone Ornament?

  6. No, I'm sorry I do not have that Avon product in my inventory.

  7. I'm in a panic – just went to reorder the only lip balm i've used for about 20 years & its gone. Avon Flavor Savers in Cherry. I always bought it like 20 or 30 at a time & went to stock up again….i'm freaking out. Seriously!!! I've tried so many other products & don't like them. Is there any way to get some of these??? How long ago did they get discontinued? Omigosh….i'm so upset.

  8. Hi!
    I'm sorry to report that the Avon Flavor Savers have been discontinued. A great replacement is the Avon True Color Lip Balm. It comes in 5 shades with a hint of tint and instant moisture. You can buy these online at https://www.avon.com/product/avon-true-color-lip-balm-55990?rep=mbertsch. Save 10% online when you use code WELCOME10 on any size order. Always gets free shipping on $40 orders at https://mbertsch.avonrepresentative.com.
    Thank You for your continued business!

  9. Any chance you have an Expert Precision Tweezer in your stock?

  10. Hi Michele,

    No, I'm sorry I do not have the Expert Precision Tweezer in my stock. Check out my eStore for other great Avon products. https://mbertsch.avonrepresentative.com/


  11. I am looking for the discontinued color of BRONZE in the ultra luxury eyeliners. I'll buy several, if I can find anyone that has them. Thank you.

  12. I'm sorry I do not have that shade of Ultra Luxury eyeliner in my stock. Take a look at the current shades available online…https://www.avon.com/product/ultra-luxury-eyeliner-66113?rep=mbertsch. Hopefully one of those shades will be close.

    Thanks for checking with me about shopping Avon eyeliners.


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