Do You Collect Barbie Dolls? You will LOVE Rose Splendor Barbie by AVON

Do You Collect Barbie Dolls? You will LOVE Rose Splendor Barbie by AVON

Mattel created this Special AVON Edition “Rose Splendor” BARBIE exclusively for AVON. This is a must have for Barbie Doll collectors. The dress is designed by Principal Designer, Robert Best. Certificate of Authenticity is included.

Think Christmas and get these Barbies for your little girls. They will be thrilled to receive these dolls. They are ideal for girls ages 6 and up. Get the Barbie in Caucasian or African American. The doll comes with collectible box and stand.

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Regular Price $49.99!

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    Thanks for the follow! I'm now following you back. I love Barbie's and can't wait until my daughter is old enough for these types of dolls! Take care! =)~ Tiffany

  2. Avon Beauty with Mary

    Evelyn, She is adorable. I think I will buy them for Christmas presents for the little girls in my family AND I will keep one for myself as a collectible. I am now following you also.Mary

  3. Evelyn M Leon

    The Barbie is spectacular! Have to check that no one has gotten it for my niece yet. New follower.Evelyn

  4. Avon Beauty with Mary

    I'm following both of you.


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