How to Use Ebates to Make Money Shopping Online Sites

How to Use Ebates to Make Money Shopping Online Sites

Do you love shopping online sites? Yes, so do I. 

Did you know you can make money from home and earn extra cash by shopping online stores? WOW! Wouldn’t this be nice!

Here’s what I do to get extra cash in my pocket. My little secret is Ebates.

But what is Ebates and how does it work? Is it hard to set up?  Let me tell you how to use Ebates to make money shopping online sites right from home.

What is Ebates?

How to Use Ebates to Make Money Shopping Online Sites
Ebates started in 1999 and connects online stores with customers. Stores pay Ebates a commission for sending customers to their websites to make purchases. Ebates shares that commission with their members. It’s really that simple!

How Does Ebates Work?

First, you will want to sign up for a FREE Ebates account. By clicking on my referral link you will receive $10 after spending your first $25. (Read on to find out how you can share your referral link to your friends and earn $25 each time). 
Second, you will want to add the Ebates Cash Back Button to your computer or electronic device. I added the Ebates browser extension for Chrome on my computer. This button makes shopping Ebate stores so easy. It even automatically applies coupons to your orders!
You are NOW ready to start shopping. 
You can go to the Ebates home page and choose from over 2000 stores. 
The browser extension button eliminates the step of having to visit the Ebates website each time you want to shop. If you already have you favorite stores bookmarked on your computer, just go to their website. 
For me, I frequently shop Avon online so I go to the website and click on the Ebates icon in my browser. When it is green, I know I will be getting an Ebates cash reward. Purchase like you normally would. There are no points, no forms and no fees to worry about.

How to Use Ebates

Here’s some easy steps for shopping with Ebates.
  • Go to and click on the store’s shop now button to activate cash back at their site.
  • OR go to the store’s website and click on the Ebates extension button to make it green.
  • Shop the store like normal.
  • After you made a purchase, you’ll get an email confirming cash back has been added to your account.

Ebates Tips to Saving Money

Ebates - Avon online shopping
You can find the best daily deals from the stores right from the Ebates home page. 
Here are a few Avon daily deals showing on the Ebates site as of today.

How to Use Ebates to Make Money Shopping Online Sites


How to Use Ebates to Make Money Shopping Online Sites
How to Use Ebates to Make Money Shopping Online Sites
Whenever I shop Avon, I first check out the latest Avon catalog to find the best sales for current campaign. Then I go to the representative’s Avon online store to put in my order. Remember to click on the Ebates icon in your browser to activate your cash back.

How to Save Money with Ebates

How does Ebates save you money

Double Cash Back

You will find daily deals at featured stores. Check the Double Cash Back Stores tab. Special increased cash back percentages are shown here. 
With over 2000 merchants the deals are unending! Take advantage of the coupons, discounts and promo codes from these online merchants that are open 24/7.

Ebates Hot Deals

Under the Ebates Hot Deals tab you will find the hottest coupon codes of the day! Clipping coupons is no longer needed. Just jump on over to the Ebates site to find amazing online deals of the day.

Ebates Referral Program

Another great perk that Ebates gives their users is the Ebates Referral Program. For every friend you invite to Ebates, you have the opportunity to earn $25. This is one of the best referral programs I’ve seen.
When your new referral spends $25 at Ebates, they’ll get $10 and you will receive the $25. 
If you are interested in joining Ebates, you can use my referral code link.

How Do You Get Ebates Cash Back

Ebates will mail you a Big Fat Check every three months. You can also have this commission added to your PayPal account. 
If your cash back balance is $5 or below at the end of the period, it will carry over to the next 3-month period.
To date I have earned over $280 from Ebates. Due to my Christmas online shopping spree, I am expecting to receive almost $100 in February. What a nice treat this will be!

Join Ebates Get $10

Ebates Referral Program Get $10
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If you’re not already a member, it’s time to start saving money online. 
I hope I helped you understand how to use Ebates to make money shopping online sites.
Go ahead and click my referral link to join others on earning extra cash. You will love the check you receive for shopping stores you already frequent. 
Let me know in the comments, if you have any questions.

Thanks for stopping by my Avon blog. I appreciate your faithful Avon business. 

Have a Blessed Day!
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