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avon perfume personality

Perfume Personality Quiz

What’s My Fragrance for Personality?

Have you every wondered what perfume to purchase? Some days you feel romantic and flirty and some days spontaneous and playful. I love this Avon perfume personality quiz. I challenge you to take this short perfume personality quiz and discover which Avon fragrance best fits your personality. Find out if you are romantic and flirty, spontaneous and playful, seductive and sexy, or sophisticate and classic. So go ahead and start the perfume personality test: Step 1-Take the quiz Step 2-Discover your perfect Avon perfume Step 3Purchase your perfect Avon fragrance

  Step 1: Take the Avon Perfume Personality Quiz

  • When I wear fragrance, I want to feel:
    1. Feminine and pretty
    1. Fresh and clean
    1. Sensual and alluring
  1. Elegant and glamorous
  • My fantasy vacation is:
    1. Romantic getaway
    1. Safari
    1. Trendy beach resort
  1. Tropical cruise
  • My makeup must-have is:
    1. Rosy cheeks
    1. Trendy nails
    1. Smoky eyes
  1. Red lips
  • I love the scent of:
    1. Blooming flowers
    1. Zesty citrus
    1. Rich vanilla
  1. Warm spices
  • If I were a movie start, my specialty would be:
    1. Romance
    1. Comedy
    1. Action
  1. Drama

Step 2 and 3: Discover and Purchase the Perfect Avon Fragrance for your Personality

Romantic and Flirty: You are feminine and radiant and can be a hopeless romantic.

Avon Femme, Forever, Flor Violeta Haiku Kyoto Flower, Far Away, Secrets to Keep Kiss, Sweet Honesty

Spontaneous and Playful:  You are energetic and fun-loving. You live each day to the fullest.

Blue Escape, Haiku, Secrets to Keep, Free O

Seductive and Sexy: You are passionate, sensual and full of confidence.

Avon Passion, Outspoken by Fergie, Today Tomorrow Always, Avon Instinct for Her, Rare Diamonds, Imari Seduction, Night Magic

Sophisticated and Classic: You are elegant and glamorous. You appreciate the luxuries in life.

Viva by Fergie, Today Tomorrow Always, Rare Pearls, Rare Gold, Imari, Odyssey, Timeless, Candid

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