Pewter Ornaments – Avon Christmas Ornaments – Avon Collectibles

Pewter Ornaments - Avon Christmas Ornaments - Avon Collectibles

Avon Collectibles 2018 

Christmas is in the air! Don’t you just love decorating your home for the holidays. 

The exclusive Avon pewter ornaments for 2018 are here!
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Pewter Ornaments

Pewter ornaments are a unigue gift for Christmas. 

If you need a thoughtful gift for family members, special friends or even co-workers, a pewter Christmas ornament would be ideal.
My hometown of Loveland, Colorado, funds our city’s Christmas decorations by selling of a unique pewter ornament each year.

Their 2018 Pewter ornament is named “I’m Snow Happy”. 

Our local Reporter Herald newspaper stated that some Loveland ornaments are true collectors items in their article from December 2015. 

What is Pewter?

Although many people love the look of pewter jewelry and ornaments, they really aren’t sure what pewter is made of. 

By doing a Wikipedia search, I found the answer to What is Pewter

By further online investigation, I discovered some amazing facts about pewter history.

Is Pewter Safe?

People purchase beautiful pewter cups or tankards across our nation. Today modern pewter is safe according to the FDA regulations. 
I found this interesting article on Is Pewter Safe.

Avon Pewter Ornaments

Collectors are also waiting for the 2018 Avon pewter ornament to add to their collection. 
Avon collectibles are popular for families who love tradition. 
Today many customers trim their tree with Avon’s annual collectible pewter ornament. 

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The exclusive Avon 2018 Pewter Christmas Ornaments are for sale in campaign 24! 

Mark your calendar to order this pewter ornament on October 30, 2018, at my Avon online store. 
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The 2018 pewter ornament is an angel design with red faux stone accents. 
The pewter ornament hangs from a red string with tassle at end. 
It comes in a red drawstring velvet-like storage pouch. Date is on front of the holiday ornament. Back of the Avon pewter ornament is also designed beautifully. 
You will find it stamped with the AVON collectible logo for 2018.

Limited quantities so Shop early..October 30, 2018

Buy the Pewter Ornament 2018  online
Pewter Ornaments - Avon Christmas Ornaments - Avon Collectibles

Want More Christmas Gift Ideas?

Shop Avon Christmas Catalog 2018

I’m sorry to tell you that Avon does not have another shipment of the 2018 Avon Pewter Ornaments coming. 
As of now, we are completely out of these ornaments.
Keep checking back to see if Avon gets any more in.


  1. I love the mistletoe ornament. So pretty.

    Happy Fall from Mommacan

  2. Do you have the 2013 Avon Pewter Tree ornament?

  3. Hi Becky,
    No, I'm sorry I do not have the 2013 Avon Pewter Tree ornament. If it comes available, I will let you know.

  4. Were there not enough of the 2013 pewter ornaments made. Im looking for one and it seems so are a lot of other people and if one pops up on ebay they want 50.00+ for it. Know anyway of getting one maybe an Avon store person might have some and doesnt do ebay and amazon?

  5. I'm sorry I don't know of anyone that has an Avon Pewter Ornament for 2013. I do have several of the 2017 Avon Pewter Ornaments in my inventory if anyone should want one.

  6. Hi Mary, how much are you asking for the 2017 pewter Christmas ornament? And do you have 2016?

  7. The 2017 pewter ornaments are $10 each plus shipping. I have 2 of the 2017. No, I'm sorry I do not have any of the 2016 ornaments.

  8. HI. I would like one of the Avon 2018 Pewter Angel ornaments. Everywhere I've looked they are out. Do you have one you can sell to me? My email is [email protected]

  9. Do you have any of the 2018 ornaments left? And are you willing to ship to Canada?

  10. Hi Kristi,
    I'm sorry I do not have any 2018 Avon pewter ornaments left. If they become available again I will inform you on this blog post. Please bookmark it and check back periodically.

  11. Hi,
    I'm sorry but Avon supply of the Avon pewter ornaments is gone. I will let you know on this blog post if anymore are available.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Mary Bertsch
    Ind Avon Sales Representative

  12. I am trying to find the 2018 pewter Christmas ornament, where can I find one ?


  13. Hi Denise,
    I'm sorry but you cannot order the 2018 pewter ornament anymore as they are out-of-stock. However, I do have some of the Avon pewter ornaments for 2019 in stock that I can mail to you.

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