View Avon Campaign 10 2014 Brochure – Buy Avon Products Online

View Avon Campaign 10 2014 Brochure

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Online Shopping starts April 11 and ends April 24, 2014 

Backorder through May 22, 2014

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What’s New in Avon Campaign 10 2014?
  • Avon Mother’s Day Gifts–Campaign 10 –Mother’s Day is May 11, 2014–Avon spring fashions in pretty pastels
  • Sterling Silver–Perfect gift for mom for Mother’s Day or….. Just Because
  • New ANEW Age-Transforming 2-in-1 Compact–Infused with a swirl of innovation skin care serum. Must try it!
  • ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment-Lowest Price of $24.99
  • Metal Mania–New jewelry collections that is heavy on the metal with glitter, glam and glitz
  • Nail the Trend–New Nail Fashion with 4 new limited edition spring nail art designs
  • Tanks in Bright Shades–Love these colors
  • Moisture Therapy Hand Creams–Full-Size hand creams at Avon’s lowest price of $1.69
  • Skin So Soft Hand Creams–Full-Size hand creams at Avon’s lowest price of $1.69
  • Avon FemmeNew Avon fragrance that makes you feel glamorous! Featuring a limited-edition bottle and an exclusive ring. Avon Femme is coming online in Avon Campaign 9 2014. Be the first to experience this fragrance and feel like a shining star!
  • Anew Clinical Infinite LiftWant a face lift? Want a skincare product that firms, tightens, defines and contours? The New Avon Product, Infinite Lift, is the best Avon product for the new you. It features the latest technology and concentrated formula that counteracts the way facial skin sags over the years. 
    Avon Clinical Infinite Lift - New Avon Product in 2014
  • Avon Curves Workout Products–Everything you need for your workout; Curves Capri, Curves for Women on the Circuit Sneaker, Curves waist pouch. Workout with Curves!

The Current Avon Campaigns You Can Shop From

Shop Avon Catalog 8 2014 until 4/24/14

Shop Avon Catalog 9 2014 until 5/08/14

Shop Avon Catalog 10 2014 until 5/22/14 

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