Is Selling Avon Online Worth It? My Avon Story!

is selling Avon worth it

Is Selling Avon Online Worth It?

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Is Selling Avon Online Worth It?

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Is Selling Avon Online Worth It?

These online sales were year-to-date from Avon campaign 1 2015 through Avon campaign 10 2015. Avon has a total of 26 campaigns in a year.

Sell Avon Online

You may be one of many people looking for a job online.

Have you read the many promises in the get rich quick schemes? They all sound so promising! They get your adrenaline flowing and before you know it you clicked on the link  “Join Now”.

I can’t tell you which offers are really genuine. I’m sure you can make a 6 figure income from some of these online marketing jobs. Although some of these offers require money down, getting your family and friends involved, and many hours of work.

I would like to tell you about how I earn money online and it’s fun.

You probably have heard of Avon, the well-known trusted beauty company since 1886.

Have you heard the saying, “Ding Dong Avon Calling”? Well, Avon is still calling but many Avon representatives are calling online now.

My Avon Story

My Avon story began in January of 2008. I received an Avon brochure on my door with an opportunity to become an Avon rep for $10.

I have a degree in accounting and have always loved working at different bookkeeping and income tax offices. However, I finally had to quit when osteoarthritis set into my hands and wrists.

So when I received this Avon opportunity the wheels started turning in my head. Selling Avon would not require me to continuously use my hands or sit at a desk for 8 hours. It would give me much more variety. I also had a teenage daughter at the time who loved makeup and fashion. It was a no brainer when I learned I could get a discount on our beauty purchases.

I started out as many new Avon reps do by selling to friends and neighbors. We all know that they cannot buy every campaign.

That is when I branched out by hanging Avon brochures on the doors of nearby neighborhoods. I always had Avon catalogs with me when doing my errands. I left Avon books in laundromats, hair salons, dentist offices, schools, and anywhere I went. Before long I started getting more and more customers.

It was great! But I wanted more customers with less work.

With the many people shopping online, I started thinking this would be the perfect opportunity to sell Avon online.

After doing some research on Google in 2010, I found an eBook that taught me how to get started building my own Avon beauty blog. The authors of the book offered me great free advice. They are awesome and I couldn’t have done it without them.

I was pretty green at first in making my blog posts. I was constantly researching online how to make my blog better and how to get better SEO. I wanted to rank on the first page of Google for my Avon keywords.

Since Avon requires all purchases to be made from our free Avon website, I redirected all my traffic from my blog to my Avon website.

I was so excited! In 2011 I actually started getting some online sales. This was amazing! This encouraged me to work harder and harder.

My personal and online sales were doing very well.

Then……………on June 20, 2011 I received a phone call that changed many lives forever. A Nebraska sheriff called me telling me my son-in-law and daughter were in a tragic car accident as they were traveling back home to Colorado. I was in shock and couldn’t believe all that he was telling me.

My daughter and her girlfriend were in critical condition and airlifted to different hospitals in SD. My 21-year-old son-in-law was pronounced dead on impact. They had only been married for 8 months AND my daughter was pregnant with their first child.

My daughter was in critical condition. She suffered a traumatic brain injury and many other serious injuries. My husband and I stayed with her throughout her recovery for 4 months in different hospitals.

After relearning how to do everything again (swallow, eat, talk, sit, stand, walk, and daily care routine), she was released from the rehabilitation hospital.

We are so thankful to God for preserving her and her baby girl. What a joy they are to us! We can testify of God’s mercies to us.

Throughout all 4 months I did not do much Avon. However, my Avon online sales grew and grew. I was amazed!

The checks from Avon kept coming in. We were so thankful for this extra income with all of the medical and travel bills we incurred.

In 2011 and 2012 I earned free trips from Avon to New York and an Alaskan cruise. We also enjoyed a trip for 4 to Disney World in Orlando, Florida in 2012 which we took my daughter and granddaughter to.

These were memorable times! Thank you, Avon!

How Much Can You Make Selling Avon Online?

Example of my Avon online sales for one day, May 12, 2015–  9 Avon eCustomer orders totaling almost $400  

Is Selling Avon Online Worth It?

  Example of my Avon check for May 4, 2015 for my online sales only– This was for 1 campaign or a 2-week period  

Is Selling Avon Online Worth It?

  Example of my new Avon recruits that signed up online on one day, May 13, 2015  

Is Selling Avon Online Worth It?


  1. Liz Valedi

    Hi Mary, I love your story and had something very similar happen in our family, but I won’t get into it here. I was wondering about the ebook you read getting started… can you share the name of it? I am interested in learning how to blog myself. Love love love your blog too!

    1. admin

      Hi Liz,

      Thanks Liz! The ebook, Internet Marketing For AVON Representatives, is out-of-date but you can find the link to it in this blog post.

      Have fun selling Avon online by blogging!

      Avon Representative, Mary Bertsch

  2. Deby Senger

    Hello Mary,
    I am an inactive Avon Representative now for several years. So much has changed in my life the last 4 years…from a divorce, filing bankruptcy, losing a job, a slip and fall accident, and being forced to retire early for an income. Finally met a man who l knew back in high school and now we are married and have moved to a different state to start a new life. I am so apprehensive to delve into Avon again. Not too savvy on websites, although I do have one, but it just sits there. My self confidence is so not there. I would live to try Avon again. What do you advise?

    1. admin

      Hi Deby,
      I’m actually a very shy person but selling Avon has really helped me. I love helping my customers. What is nice is you can sell Avon products in a way that you love to do. Whatever you feel comfortable doing; local or online! I actually sell Avon online and locally. I have the best of both worlds since I get to meet and visit with my customers either personally or over the phone. You can become an Avon rep for free or $30 (includes brochures and products) for a limited time. You choose which option is right for you.

      Let me know if you have anymore questions about selling Avon.

      Mary Bertsch, Avon Representative

  3. Avon Beauty with Mary

    Hi Darlene,

    So nice to hear from you. I actually was in the accounting profession before I became an Avon Rep. Here are some answers to your questions regarding selling Avon.

    1. How much can you make selling Avon? The sky is the limit, really! I do very well with my sales. Last year I sold over $70,000 worth of Avon & I earn 50%. I do have some expenses of course. Your earnings % would be according to the earnings chart depending on how much you sell per campaign. The more you sell the higher the rate of earnings.
    2. How long does it take to start getting Avon online sales? That is a tough question. It really depends on how much consistent work you put into it. You need to learn how to rank for SEO, market on social media & build a blog.
    3. How do you get paid when selling Avon? If you are selling Avon online only, Avon will either send you a check or direct deposit your earnings into your account. If you have both traditional and online sales, your online sales would reduce the amount you owe Avon for your purchases. Of course, if you have more online sales than face-to-face, you would then get a check. Avon reduces your cost of the products according to the earnings chart.
    4. How is shipping handled? Avon charges you shipping charges for each campaign order according to a chart. You charge each customer .75 per order.
    5. How are Avon returns handled? Reps get 1 free box of returns each month.

    I hope this helps answer a few of your questions. You can contact me through my Avon website for more questions OR You can also join my team for more support on selling Avon online

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Thanks for your interest in becoming an Avon representative & selling Avon online.

    Mary Bertsch
    Independent Avon Sales Representative


    That is my main question also. How much can I make, how to I set up getting paid, who takes care of the financial part for me and how long before you started making a profit. I use to sell Avon about 30 years ago when you got the books and gave them to customers and went around to houses and enjoyed it very much and the money was great even then. But selling on line is very new to me and I don't want it to fail. Will I be getting free samples to give out here at home, how will my money go into my bank account or will I keep a percentage of what I make and send the rest to the company. I am a bookkeeper by profession and retired now. You would think this would not bother me as far as keeping up with the financial but I don't want to mess things up and lose money. Do I do returns, how is shipping handled. So many questions and thinking of it makes me a little nervous. I hope you can help me with some answers so that I make the right decision. Thank you for you prompt reply and willingness to help out. I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon. Darlene

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