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Avon Christmas in July 2012 Summer Sales

Who doesn’t love Christmas time? Capture that special warm feeling of Christmas now at Avon. It may be hot outside this summer, but you can also experience “Hot” Avon Christmas in July 2012 Summer Sales.

 Yes, Avon is celebrating Christmas in July Summer Sales!

For this special Christmas in July 2012 Avon Event, Avon is offering exclusive Avon free shipping. See the details of these Avon free shipping codes.

Choose either offer:

Avon Free Shipping on $20 orders


99 Cent Shipping on $10 orders

Use Avon Code


Expires Midnight July 31, 2012

Select Direct Delivery

Check out the 2012 Avon Christmas in July Sales in these categories: 

For more current Avon free shipping codes click here.

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