Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick and Lip Gloss|New for 2013

Introducing Avon’s New Totally Kissable Lipstick for 2013.  Want fuller, softer, smoother, kissable lips? The Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick has it all as it is blended with fruit enzymes and natural oils. This full coverage conditioning lipstick moisturizes and comes in 16 vivid colors.

I just read a great review of the Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick on Musing of a Muse and MomTrends. Check them out!

Here is another great Avon Review:

Delicious colors!

Date:March 14, 2013

“Totally Kissable Lipstick really lives up to its claims. The color is creamy and smooth, and the colors are beautiful.”

The Intro Special is only $4.99 for 

Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick! 

Yes, Avon also introduced the Avon Totally Kissable Lip Gloss. Spring is here and everyone loves the look of shiny lip gloss. The intro price of this Totally Kissable Lip Gloss is an amazing $2.99. Buy several of the 15 gorgeous shades to go with your summer outfits.

The Intro Special is only $2.99 for 

Avon Totally Kissable Lip Gloss!

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