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How to Start Selling AVON?

I’m excited to tell you how you can “Become Your Own Boss”. You have clicked on this link because you have a desire to start selling AVON. With Avon you will be your own boss. You want a Raise? Pay bills? Vacation? New car? New home? Set a goal each campaign! You are in charge of your earnings. Your success will be equal to your own energy and enthusiasm.


  •  Tell Avon About Yourself (Make sure everything is typed correctly and include as much information as possible. Make sure your address matches your driver’s license address etc. Avon has a 3rd Party Company verify information. If you are denied, you can still meet face-to-face with the DSM and sign up in my downline).

  • Agree to Avon’s Terms and Conditions
  • Pay Your Online Appointment Fee of Only $30
  • Receive Your Avon Account Number (Print or write down this # as you will need this to register).

Congratulations! You would now be an Independent Avon Sales Representative!

Now you would be ready to begin your Avon training so you can place your first order.


What would I do next?

  • Avon will email you a Congratulation and Welcome Page within 24 hours including your Account #, District # and District Sales Manager’s name and phone #, and my (Upline) name and phone #. Print out this information.
  • Print out the Checklist of things to do to start your business.
  • Make a list of “People You Know”. Good start for your customer base.
  • Watch the Opportunity video at
  • Go to to register using your Avon account number.
  • Take the Avon University Online Courses:
  • Sign up to be an eRepresentative so you can Sell Avon Online 24/7.

When will my kit come and what is in it?

  • Your kit should come within one week.
  • Your kit will include 20 brochures: 10 for current campaign and 10 for the next campaign. You will also receive product samples and sales training and reference material.

How do I start selling Avon?

  • Review the QuickGuide to Getting Started booklet.
  • You should receive a RPS schedule with the dates your campaign orders are due.
  • A campaign is every two weeks.
  • Familiarize yourself with the brochures and put your personal information on the back cover.
  • Start handing these brochures out to your “People You Know” list.
  • Congratulations! You have now started Selling Avon!

Can I Sell Avon Online?

  • When you become an Avon eRepresentative, you will get your own FREE Avon website.
  • Your Avon Online Store would be open 24/7.
  • You can sell to people all over the US and the products will be directly shipped to their homes.

What is the Advantage to Working for AVON?

Why sell Avon instead of for other direct selling businesses? I have listed here the many advantages of selling the Avon products.

  • Minimal Start Up Costs
  • Be your own Boss!
    • Set your own hours!
    • You determine when you get a raise!
    • Take vacation when you want to!
    • No minimums!  No quotas!
    • No territories!
  • Tax Benefits!
    • The tax benefits for having your own business are HUGE!
  • The Income and Savings Benefits are Fabulous!!
    • Up to a 50% discount on your own products!
    • Earn up to 50% commission on everything you sell!
    • Recruiting bonuses and commission!
    • You will have access to Health Insurance and Retirement Savings programs!
  • The AVON Products!!
    • AVON has something for everyone!  We carry fantastic shampoos, deodorants, lotions, skin care products, makeup, jewelry, gifts, clothing and much, much more!!  Take a look at our product selection online at .
    • Avon representatives can also enjoy the benefits of including our Mark brand products in their business!  Mark products are right on trend with the latest fashions and Mark skincare is powered by superfoods to give you a more natural approach to healthy skin!
  • The Company!!
    • AVON is the #1 Direct Sales Company in the world!!
    • With 125 years of experience, we are one of the oldest direct selling companies in America!
    • Sell Avon Products in Person!  Just hand out books to people you know or new people you meet while “Out and About”.
    • Sell Avon Online!  You will receive your own FREE personal Avon website where you can sell your products 24/7 to anyone in the USA!
  • Complete support and training!
    • One on One!  You can work one on one with your district manager to get the specific training that you need to move your business forward!
    • Meetings!!  Come and meet other representatives!  Gain knowledge from their personal experiences!
    • Online!  We have several online courses that you can take that cover everything from money management to makeup application!

Can I Really Make Money Selling Avon? Absolutely! With hard work, dedication, a “Spirit” to achieve, and great ideas from me you can and will earn money.

What are you waiting for???

Your dreams can become a reality!!

Join Avon Online Today!!!

Join my Avon team and I will give you personal training and support via email and phone.

I believe in Your Success!

Earnings equal to YOUR Ambition!
View My Free Avon Website Here!
Thanks! Mary

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