Selling Avon Review – 7 Reasons you MUST READ


Avon Representative Shares her Review on Selling Avon

Are you searching for a truthful selling Avon review? Before joining Avon you may want to know what other representatives think about the company and the compensation plan.

Read about the experience of an honest Avon consultant and decide for yourself if becoming an Avon representative is right for you.

Selling Avon Review

Today I’m featuring Marilyn Opitz, an Avon representative from Germantown, Maryland. Marilyn joined Avon in March 2019 as a member of my team.

Marilyn had been in the beauty industry working behind the chair as a hairstylist for many years. Then things happened in her life that made her decide she wanted to move on. She had accomplished every goal that she had in the beauty stylist field.

What was written in the next chapter for Marilyn?

Direct Sales Business – Which one to Choose

Now it was time for Marilyn to move on! She had many more dreams that she wanted to do. Along with her dreams in the beauty field, was the desire to earn money from home. Marilyn turned to direct sales. In addition, she continued her studies to improve her beauty career. She tried a couple of other direct-selling companies. They weren’t really what she was looking for in a company.

What would she do next?

She Signed up to Sell Avon – Would Selling Avon be Worth it?

To continue her dreams in beauty and makeup, Marilyn, turned to Avon. She had previously sold Avon but only as a side gig. Something told her she needed to come back so she joined Avon online.

Selling Avon Review by Real Avon Rep

Her career in selling Avon has only been 1 year and 3 months. However, in that short time, she has achieved many stepping stones.

  • One of the top sellers on my Avon team
  • Reached the Premier sales level by selling over $5,000 worth of Avon products to earn a 30% commission on her beauty sales
  • Successfully recruited members to join her Avon team
  • Amazingly promoted to 2 titles
  • Recently promoted to Bronze Ambassador

7 Reasons to Join Avon 2023

Here are Marilyn’s 7 reasons why you should become an Avon representative in 2023. Listen to her telling you why you should become an Avon representative today.

If you are searching for an Avon work-from-home review, listen to this testimony.

1. Join Avon for FREE

Are you one of those people who loves free offers? Well, here is the deal you’ve been waiting for! The cost of joining Avon in 2023 is absolutely free for a limited time.

  • Free Product Training
  • No Annual Fee
  • Free Back-Office
  • Free Website
  • Affordable Business to Start and Maintain

2. Enjoy Discounts as an Avon Personal Shopper

  • Personal Care Products
  • Household Cleaning Products
  • Makeup
  • Fashion
  • Jewelry
  • Wellness Products
  • Gifts for all Ages

3. Earn Exclusive Incentives

  • Special Incentives to Win Free Products
  • Bonuses
  • All-Expense Paid Trips

4. Brand Ambassador for Avon Products

  • Virtual Training on all Makeup, Skincare, and Bath & Body Products
  • Social Media Training to Promote Business across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Beauty Influencer on Social Media revealing expertise on the topics of skincare, haircare, and makeup
  • Avon Reps gain more confidence with each sale because of top-quality training

5. Global On-Trend Brands

Avon is now collaborating with multiple, global on-trend brands giving reps a wider range of products to offer their customers. New products are being released often, which builds excitement for your business.

Included in the new Avon products are changes in formulas to be more green/vegan. Consumers are educated regarding the natural ingredients in our products. Many of the new products are phthalate-free, sulfate-free, and gluten-free. As always, Avon does not conduct animal testing.

6. Join Avon with Free Gifts

Place a $60 order in your first campaign and you will earn the following.

  • Free Product Gift
  • $10 Credit for your Second Campaign Order
  • New Rep Incentives

7. Three Ways to Join Avon Online

  • Free Signup – Amazing way to start a business with no financial commitments
  • $5 Donation to the American Cancer Society
  • $30 Signup Fee – Receive a set of great products worth over $107 for you to use. Try out the products. Demo the products to your customers. Share their benefits with your family and friends.

Honest Selling Avon Review by Marilyn Opitz

I thank Marilyn for giving an honest selling Avon review. She has high goals which I’m sure she will reach. If you want to get to know Marilyn better, friend her on Facebook or join her Beauty by BibaGirrrl Business Facebook Page. She does amazing Facebook live videos on how to apply makeup. I also suggest you follow her YouTube channel, The BibaGirrrl Show.

selling Avon review by Marilyn Opitz

Marilyn is a go-getter and started her business with a bang! She takes her calling as a leader very seriously. She will mentor you all the way. Not only will she mentor you on a personal basis, but she also has a Facebook group where she gives more tips and tricks to succeed. With Marilyn, as your advisor, you will never be alone in your Avon business. If you are thinking of starting your Avon work-from-home business, Marilyn is ready to train and mentor you along the way.

What did you think of Marilyn’s Selling Avon Review?

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Thanks for supporting a small business owner. Written by Mary Bertsch, Independent Avon Sales Representative

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  1. Diana Telles

    Can you recommend an Avon Rep. in Las Cruces, NM. Please?

    1. Mary Bertsch, Avon Rep

      Hi Diana,

      Sorry, I don’t know an Avon Rep in your city. However, I sell to customers all over the US on my Avon online store. By placing your order online, your products will be shipped directly to your home.

      If you need help placing your order, please call me at my number under “Contact Information“.

      Thanks for shopping Avon!
      Mary Bertsch, Independent Avon Sales Representative

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