Avon Crazy For Lipstick | Campaign 8 2015

Avon Crazy For Lipstick

Avon Campaign 8 2015

Are you Crazy for Lipstick? Take a look at the amazing colors for the new Avon Ultra Color Indulgence Lip Color. Choose from over 65 shades to match your wardrobe and trendy style. This new Avon lipstick is available in Shimmer, Satin, Soft Matte, Matte and Bold finishes. You will love the creamy texture and moisturizing feel for a medium to full-coverage lip color.

Avon Crazy For Lipstick | Campaign 8 2015

Avon Crazy for Lipstick sale is going on in Campaign 8 2015. Choose any Avon Lipstick and get the amazing deal of any 5 for $20. You can mix or match from the following lipsticks.

Avon Crazy For Lipstick | Campaign 8 2015

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