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Nail Art Design Strips by AVON

Check out what my Avon customers are raving about! Have you ever used nail art design strips? Get the hottest trend in nails now from AVON. New to Avon is Avon Nail Art Design Strips. Get a salon style manicure with no dry time. 

What a value! Get 18 nail strips for an introductory price of $6.99. Even the regular price of $10 for the Avon Nail Art is a steal price. Choose from 19 fashion nail art designs. Change your nail design for each outfit you wear. 
Plus get a FREE Emery board with each Avon Nail Art Design Strips purchase in Avon Campaign 14 2013 Catalog.
Choose from these 19 Fashionable Avon Nail Art Designs.

Bedazzled 601-905

Bows For You 603-051

Catch the Wave 604-039

Check You Out 604-058

Cheetah Pink 604-062

 Sweetly Laced 604-187

Color Shock 604-077

Crystallized Black 604-081

Denim Stars 604-096

Dozen Roses 604-100

Hot Pink Bling 604-115

Red Hot Lace 604-168

Starstruck 604-172

Swirled Blues 604-191

True Zebra 604-210

Zebra Bling 604-206

Inner Animal 604-134

Mosaic Flowers 604-149

Racy Lacy 604-153

How to Use Avon Nail Art Design Strips
 It’s So Easy!
Won’t Smudge!
No Drying Time!

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