Avon Pewter Ornaments (2023 Christmas Collectible)

Avon Christmas Pewter Ornaments 2023

Avon Pewter Ornament 2023

Are you looking for the 2023 Avon pewter ornament? Worried about not getting the pewter ornament to add to your family collectibles? Looking for the first day you can purchase this Avon Christmas ornament online?

I’m happy to announce the exclusive Avon pewter ornaments 2023 are here! These Limited-Edition Avon Collectible pewter ornaments are elegant and are sure to please you!

Get your hands on an Avon Christmas ornament—perfect for those who love to keep up with tradition!

Read further to find out how and when you can buy these Christmas ornaments in the year 2023.

Avon Pewter Ornament 2023

Avon Pewter Christmas Ornaments 2023

Every year, families and friends gather to celebrate the spirit of the season with gifts for one another. The holidays are a time to reminisce about traditions and create new memories.

Avon collectibles are popular for families who love tradition. 

Today many customers trim their trees with Avon’s annual collectible pewter ornament. 

Are you one of the collectors waiting for the 2023 Avon pewter ornament

Avon Collectibles 2023

Avon Pewter Ornament 2023

The Avon Bright Moments Inspiration Pewter ornament dated 2023 is this year’s collectible item.

This holiday ornament brings the season message of joy, love, peace, family, and Christmas.

Keep up your tradition and trim your tree with this beautiful Avon pewter Christmas ornament 2023.

When Can I Buy the Avon Pewter Ornament 2023?

The exclusive Avon 2023 Pewter Christmas Ornaments are for sale in campaign 21! Mark your calendars for October 11, 2023, to buy the Avon Christmas Ornament.

The regular price of this pewter ornament is $20.99. However, when you buy from my Avon representative online store, the sales price is only $15.99.

Do You Remember the Avon Vintage Santa Ornament?

This memorable 2012 pewter edition made the perfect Christmas gift for many children.

Here are a few ornaments from past years that I remember. Which ones do you have?

Avon Pewter Ornaments Collectible
  • 2022 Avon Santa Midnight Sleigh Pewter Christmas Ornament
  • 2021 Avon Starry Night Pewter Ornament
  • Iconic 2020 Pewter Tree Ornament
  • 2019 Vintage Inspired Pewter Ornament
  • Avon 2018 Angel Ornament – limited supply
  • 2017 Pewter Snowflake Ornament
  • Avon 2016 Angel Wings Ornament
  • 2015 Bell Pewter Ornament with Tassel
  • 2014 Partridge Pewter Collectible
  • Christmas Tree Pewter Ornament 2013
  • Avon Collectible 2012 Pewter Santa Christmas Ornament
  • 2011 Snowman Ornament
  • 2010 Christmas Holly Pewter

Pewter Ornaments

Pewter ornaments are a unique gift for Christmas.  A pewter Christmas ornament will be ideal if you need a thoughtful gift for family members, special friends, or even co-workers.

My hometown of Loveland, Colorado, funds our city’s holiday lights display by selling a unique pewter Christmas ornament each year. 

Our local Reporter-Herald newspaper stated that these holiday keepsakes, which are true collector’s items, have been produced annually since 1990. 

What is Pewter?

Although many people love the look of pewter jewelry and ornaments, they aren’t sure what pewter is made of.  I found the answer to What is Pewter by doing a Wikipedia search.  Through further online investigation, I discovered some fantastic facts about pewter history.

Is Pewter Safe?

People purchase beautiful pewter cups or tankards across our nation. Today modern pewter is safe according to FDA regulations.  I found this interesting article on “Is Pewter Safe?”.

Ready to Buy Avon Pewter Ornaments?

These stunning pewter ornaments will help you maintain your family’s holiday tradition.

Shop the 2023 Avon Pewter Collectible online early as supplies are limited.

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Avon Stocking Stuffers

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The top-selling stocking stuffer is our Avon holiday hand creams that come in four different scents and formulas.

Avon Pewter Collectibles

Does your family have the tradition of decorating your tree with the Avon Pewter Ornament? Grab yours early as these collector items are in limited supply.

The Avon Pewter Christmas ornament for 2023 is the Bright Moments Inspiration Pewter Ornament.

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  1. Leslie

    Do you still have a 2023 ornament available?

    1. Mary Bertsch, Avon Rep

      I don’t have any in my inventory, but I can check in Facebook groups for Avon Reps to see if anyone has any. Please email me your address, and I will check for you.

  2. Wendy Burling

    Is there a way I can get a 2013 Pewter Christmas ornament. It is the only one I am missing in 25 years?

    1. Mary Bertsch, Avon Rep

      Wendy, Sorry, but i don’t have any of the 2013 Avon Pewter Ornaments. Although currently I do have one 2023 Pewter ornament in my home inventory.

      Thanks for checking with me.


    …How about the 2022 version? Is it out yet? I know it’s early (“Christmas in July!”), but I’m one of those ridiculously savvy shoppers who shops for Christmas all year ’round! (thus – no big VISA bill in December…). Please let me know – thanks.

    1. Mary Bertsch, Avon Rep

      Sorry, the Avon Pewter Ornaments for 2022 aren’t out yet. I do have some of the 2021 Avon Pewter Ornaments on hand.

      Thanks for checking!

      Your Avon Representative, Mary Bertsch

    2. Mary Bertsch, Avon Rep

      The 2022 Avon pewter ornaments will be on sale on my website on October 12, 2022.

  4. […] of my customers have been looking forward to the launch of the pewter Christmas ornament and it is finally here. Pick one up for your loved ones or for […]

  5. Sharon M Northrop

    Do you have any of the 2020 Pewter Ornaments left?

    1. Mary Bertsch, Avon Representative

      Hi Sharon,

      At this time I don’t see any 2020 Avon Pewter Ornaments for sale on my website. Maybe closer to Christmas 2021 they will be back online for sale.

      Thanks for shopping Avon!

      Your Avon Representative, Mary Bertsch

  6. Billie. ASH

    I would like to order 2018 ornament. Email me please
    Thank you

    1. Mary Bertsch, Avon Representative

      Hi Billie,

      I’m sorry the 2018 Avon pewter ornament was made in limited supply. I do not know where you can buy it.

      Avon has a new collectible for 2020. Check it out here https://www.avon.com/product/avon-charmed-eau-de-parfum-spray-74477?rep=mbertsch

      Thanks for shopping Avon online from my eStore!

      Your Avon Representative, Mary Bertsch

  7. Barbara

    Do you have the 2020 ornament to pre order?

    1. admin

      Hi Barbara,

      I do have a few of the Avon pewter ornaments for 2020 in stock. You can also purchase these on my website on Tuesday, October 27.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Your Avon Representative,
      Mary Bertsch

      1. Jena crain

        Do you have a 2020 pewter ?

        1. Mary Bertsch, Avon Rep

          Jena, I’m sorry I don’t have the 2020 pewter. However, I do have quite a few of the 2021 Avon pewter ornaments.

          Let me know if you need any of those.


  8. Avon Beauty with Mary

    Hi Denise,
    I'm sorry but you cannot order the 2018 pewter ornament anymore as they are out-of-stock. However, I do have some of the Avon pewter ornaments for 2019 in stock that I can mail to you.

  9. Unknown

    I am trying to find the 2018 pewter Christmas ornament, where can I find one ?


  10. Avon Beauty with Mary

    I'm sorry but Avon supply of the Avon pewter ornaments is gone. I will let you know on this blog post if anymore are available.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Mary Bertsch
    Ind Avon Sales Representative

  11. Avon Beauty with Mary

    Hi Kristi,
    I'm sorry I do not have any 2018 Avon pewter ornaments left. If they become available again I will inform you on this blog post. Please bookmark it and check back periodically.

  12. Kristi

    Do you have any of the 2018 ornaments left? And are you willing to ship to Canada?

  13. Mippie62

    HI. I would like one of the Avon 2018 Pewter Angel ornaments. Everywhere I've looked they are out. Do you have one you can sell to me? My email is [email protected]

  14. Avon Beauty with Mary

    The 2017 pewter ornaments are $10 each plus shipping. I have 2 of the 2017. No, I'm sorry I do not have any of the 2016 ornaments.

  15. Unknown

    Hi Mary, how much are you asking for the 2017 pewter Christmas ornament? And do you have 2016?

  16. Avon Beauty with Mary

    I'm sorry I don't know of anyone that has an Avon Pewter Ornament for 2013. I do have several of the 2017 Avon Pewter Ornaments in my inventory if anyone should want one.

  17. Anonymous

    Were there not enough of the 2013 pewter ornaments made. Im looking for one and it seems so are a lot of other people and if one pops up on ebay they want 50.00+ for it. Know anyway of getting one maybe an Avon store person might have some and doesnt do ebay and amazon?

  18. Avon Beauty with Mary

    Hi Becky,
    No, I'm sorry I do not have the 2013 Avon Pewter Tree ornament. If it comes available, I will let you know.

  19. Unknown

    Do you have the 2013 Avon Pewter Tree ornament?

  20. Unknown

    I love the mistletoe ornament. So pretty.

    Happy Fall from Mommacan

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