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Do You Really Make Money with Avon Sales Leadership?

Can You Make Money with Avon’s Network Marketing?

Can You Make Money Selling Avon?

A few months ago our District Sales Manager told our District about an incentive for those in leadership. We were all very excited about this incentive. We had the opportunity to earn a large amount of money. This incentive focused on the leadership reps working together as a team effort. We met and had a plan. Each of us had a individual goal of recruiting so many new reps in a given time.  If we all achieved the goal we would be awarded with a large check from Avon. We worked very hard during the next few weeks. Would we meet the deadline or not? Well, you can imagine our excitement when we actually achieved the required number of new recruits by the deadline. We did it!

Here is a copy of my check for $833.33 I received for this recruiting incentive by Avon. 

Copy of My Check from Avon for $833.33

Avon Sales Leadership Incentive
Avon Sales Leadership|Make Money with Avon|Avon Network Marketing

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