Can I buy Avon Products on Amazon and eBay?

Are you searching online to buy Avon products? However, you don’t know an Avon representative to shop from. Through your Google search, you found that you can buy Avon on Amazon and eBay.

Great, you think! Amazon prices should be cheaper. Right?

BUT…. Is it really a good idea to buy Avon on Amazon and eBay? Can you buy Avon on Amazon and be a satisfied customer?

Let me tell you a few reasons why you don’t want to buy Avon on Amazon.

Don’t Buy Avon on Amazon

Don't buy Avon on Amazon

I advise you not to shop on Amazon for your Avon products. As an experienced Avon representative, I’ve heard horror stories from customers who previously purchased their skincare and makeup products on Amazon. The products can be outdated and unsafe for use.

Let me list my 4 reasons why I suggest that you do not buy your Avon beauty products on Amazon or eBay.

1. Selling Avon on Amazon and eBay is Prohibited

can I buy or sell avon on amazon or ebay

According to the Business Policies and Procedures for Avon Independent Sales Representatives: The direct sale of products through an online auction or marketplace site (e.g. Amazon, eBay, Offer Up, Facebook Marketplace,, Poshmark), a personal social media page, website, or blog is strictly prohibited.

In summary, Avon representatives are prohibited from selling Avon on Amazon or eBay. All sales must be done on an Avon representative online store.

So when you order Avon online from Amazon or eBay, you are shopping with a rep who is illegally selling Avon products on these sites.

When Avon discovers that a representative is disobeying their rules and regulations and selling Avon on Amazon, that representative will be warned. If they continue this selling practice, they will be removed as an Avon rep.

  1. Can you sell Avon on eBay?

    The direct sale of products through eBay online auction is strictly prohibited according to the Business Policies and Procedures for Avon Independent Sales Representatives.

  2. May I sell Avon on Amazon?

    Selling Avon on Amazon in the USA is strictly prohibited according to the Business Policies and Procedures for Avon Independent Sales Representatives.

  3. Are Avon Representatives allowed to sell Avon on Walmart?

    Avon reps are strictly prohibited from selling Avon on according to the Business Policies and Procedures for Avon Independent Sales Representatives.

  4. Can you sell Avon on Facebook Marketplace when you are an Avon rep?

    No, Avon reps cannot sell Avon products on Facebook Marketplace according to the Avon business policies.

2. Expired Avon Products on Amazon and eBay

dont buy Avon on Amazon or Ebay

I have had a customer call me and tell me the Avon Anew skincare product she purchased on Amazon was burning her skin. Yes, that’s right!

When she described the box of this Avon skincare product, I researched online and found that this was a VERY old discontinued product. Of course, I immediately told her to discontinue using the Avon face cream.

I also advised her to contact Amazon and report the seller. Hopefully, Amazon took this Amazon seller down. If not, I warn you don’t buy Avon on Amazon.

3. Amazon Price Gouging Avon Products

inflated prices when buying Avon on Amazon & eBay

Not everyone who sells Avon products on Amazon or eBay is an Avon rep. They may be former representatives. Another possibility is Amazon and eBay sellers may have purchased Avon makeup and skincare products in bulk.

Why would Amazon and eBay sellers buy Avon products in bulk? It’s easy! They want to make a profit! They find products that are being discontinued and in low quantity. Can you imagine the high prices they charge for hard-to-find products?

When Avon customers desperately want to buy their favorite products that may have been discontinued, they resort to looking on Amazon or eBay.

WARNING! Bulk products become old and out-dated quickly. Expired skincare products will not give you the desired results. They may also be unsafe to use.

Last year I had a customer tell me that she paid double or more for an Avon pewter ornament that she desperately wanted as a family collectible. This was a product that was even available on my Avon store. Please do not support these sellers trying to unfairly make a profit.

4. Former Avon Reps Sell on Amazon

Many times former Avon Representatives sell their excess products on Amazon. Some of these consultants have been removed because they ran their business against Avon’s policies. Again I warn you that these products may be expired and harmful to your skin.

Support an Avon Representative

buy Avon from representative not Amazon or eBay

I would be honored to be your Avon lady. I’m only a call or email away if you have any questions. Read my Avon story to find out a little bit more about how Avon has impacted my life.

As an Independent Avon Sales Representative, I have my own small business. We are considered a self-employed business owner. We pay Federal and State income tax as well as self-employment taxes. We also share with Avon the cost of shipping the Avon products to our customers.

In addition, we have other business expenses such as brochures, samples, bags, paper used to print invoices, gas to deliver your Avon products, software apps, and more.

All Avon representative appreciates when our customers shop the Avon catalog from us. As your Avon representative, I give product guidance and will even order your Avon for you.

Why shop from a big box store like Walmart, Amazon, or eBay when you can support a small business owner who cares?

Benefits of Buying from an Avon Representative

  • Find an experienced Avon Rep that you can trust to help you place your Avon online order.
  • An Avon Rep can help you find your perfect shade, pick out the best skin care product for your skin type, or discover new ways to enhance your natural beauty.
  • Your Avon Rep can show you curated selections picked especially for you.
  • Be the first to know about Avon’s latest products and special offers before anyone else.
  • Enjoy the lowest prices, special discounts, and free shipping offers that are not available to other shoppers.
  • Receive free samples of the new Avon products.
  • When you shop from an online Avon store, you are supporting a small business.
  • Avon supports women-driven organizations such as Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, American Cancer Society, and Speak Out Against Domestic Violence Initiative.
  • For over 135 years Avon has been empowering women, supporting local communities, and local small business owners.

How to Buy Avon Products Online

View our latest Avon online brochure for your favorite cosmetics, skincare, jewelry, and perfumes. Discover the latest in beauty & fashion with this year’s most iconic looks. Find the top Avon products.

Enjoy free shipping on orders of $60 or more when shopping with Avon Representative Mary Bertsch.

Find the current Avon free shipping codes to save you even more money.

How to Join Avon and Earn Extra Money

If you want to earn extra money or work from home, selling Avon may be for you. You can create your side hustle, become an Avon representative online, and make some extra cash.

Selling beauty products online is another avenue to generate income through blogging or being a beauty influencer on Instagram.

Start a side hustle to take advantage of the freedom and flexibility of working from home. If you want to make part-time money, why not learn more about becoming an Avon representative?

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  1. vivian chapman

    Dear Mary, i finally get in touch with you again I just now saw your message,I would like to byu Avon Produchts from you but how do we get started,I am from Denmark.I lived in Germany for many years where I represented Avon too,I am new to all this computer stuff so I may need your help. I thank you best regards Vivian Chapman

    1. Mary Bertsch, Avon Rep

      Vivian, I mailed you an Avon brochure. Let me know when you need something.


  2. Vivian Chapman

    Dear Mary. My name is Vivian Chapman,I am from Copenhagen Denmark,I have tried so many times to get in touch with you but somehow I allways lost you again, I am now living in Florida.I have worked with AVON COSMETICS for many years in GERMANY.As a Representive and Manager. I am looking for buying Avon myself and wish a Representative to visit me and shopping the Amazing Produchts,when you could in anyway help me I would be thankful,I have another lady up north who wish the same ,I can mentionen that the next time, I thank you Sincerly Vivian Chapman

    1. Mary Bertsch, Avon Rep

      Hi Vivian,
      I would be honored to be your Avon representative. I service customers all over the United States. Check out my blog post on how you can get a free skincare product by using a coupon code on your online order at This coupon code does expire tomorrow evening (12/29/21), as it is a limited-time deal.

      Let me know if you need help placing your Avon order.

      Your Avon Representative, Mary Bertsch

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