How to Set Up Google My Business for Avon

How to Set Up Google My Business for Avon
Get found as local Avon rep - how to set up Google my business for Avon

Have you ever wanted to know how to set up Google My Business for Avon?

Would you like customers to find you as their local Avon representative near them?

Want to find Avon customers online while you sleep? I thought so!

It’s really easy! Free traffic from Google! YES, Tell Me More!!

Learn how to set up Google My Business for Avon within a few minutes. Just think your Avon business could be at the top of Google search today.

Ready to get started?

11 Easy Steps on How to Set Up Google My Business for Avon

I’ve made it simple for you. Just follow these easy steps on how to set up Google My Business for Avon. Find Avon customers online the simple way.

Make it easy for customers to find you when searching online for an Avon representative in your area. Start selling Avon online!

Total Time: 15 minutes

1. Create Google Account

How to Set Up Google My Business

You will need to create a Google email account.

This will be the email you will use for your Avon business.

If you already have a Gmail email address, go on to the next step.

2. Manage Google My Business Listing

Avon Google My Business Setup

First, let’s create a Google My Business Listing to start getting your online Avon business visible to people in your location.

The following will be information you need to answer regarding getting your Google My Business account created.

3. Add your Avon Business Name


Add the name of your Avon business following Avon’s policies and procedures.

A good idea is to use the same name you have for your Facebook business page.

Click on the link “Add your business to Google”.how to set up google my business for avon

4. Business Category & Industry

how to set up google my business for Avon

Choose the category that best fits your Avon business. A few good category choices are beauty supply store, health and beauty shop, and cosmetics store. Find the category that best fits the type of business you are running.

If you can’t decide which one to use, don’t worry as you will be able to add more later.

5. Avon Representative on Google Maps

how to set up Google By Business for Avon

Want to be found on Google Maps as the local Avon rep?

This location will show up on Google Maps when customers are searching for an Avon representative in your area.

If you don’t want this feature, select “no”, and you will be directed to choose your city.

6. Add Business Address

How to Set Up Google My Business for Avon

Simply add your full address so customers can find you when they are searching for an Avon representative in your area.

If you don’t have a physical store location, use your home address. This is optional, of course.

You will be able to remove your address after verification is completed if you desire. See step 11 for details on updating your business as a delivery and home service business type.

7. Deliver Avon Outside of your City?

Avon Google My Business Location

If you deliver Avon products to other cities, check the “Yes” box.

8. List Other Cities You Deliver Avon To

Google My Business Setup

List the cities you deliver Avon to. Start typing the name and it will give you choices.

9. Complete Your Listing Information

How to Set Up Google My Business for Avon

You have successfully created your Avon Google My Business listing after clicking on “Finish”.

10. Verify your Google Listing

Google will want to verify your listing. You have 2 options to do this verification process.

1. Instantly verify your listing with an automated phone call.
2. Google can verify your business listing address by sending a postcard. This could take up to 4 days to receive.

11. Complete Your Listing of Google My Business

After verification, sign in to your Google My Business account and select the “Info tab” on the left side of your screen.

Here you can edit and/or add information about your Avon business.

I select the following option for my at-home direct sales business:
“No location; deliveries and home services only.”
However, you can set it up in a way that works for you.

Once you are done updating your information, your listing should be live.

Congratulations on going through this process!

Find Local Avon Customers

Since it is hard to hang an Avon catalog on every door in your city, try increasing your online exposure. Lots of people search online every day so why not be found when they are looking for an Avon representative near you.

Top Avon Representative Shares Tips

I hope this guide on creating your Google My Business account for your direct sales business was useful.

For the last 2 years, I have successfully sold at the top sales level, Inner Circle, by Avon selling over $220,000 of products.

Keep checking my blog for more selling Avon online tips that will help you get more sales.

Need help learning how to sell Avon on Pinterest? Learn Mary’s best tips for using Pinterest to market Avon online.


Selling Avon Online Tips - Be Local Avon Lady

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  1. Amanda

    Thank you for your guidance and help. It is greatly appreciated!!

    1. Mary Bertsch, Avon Rep

      You’re welcome, Amanda! Best wishes on your Avon business.


  2. Dorothy Duncan

    Thanks Mary for helping us learn how to increase our online sales. I just verified my address with Google. You helped put another tool in my beauty bag. Now I need to work on my blog.

    1. admin

      Hi Dorothy,

      Great! I’m happy that I could help you, Dorothy. It’s so fun marketing Avon online through social media and blogging.

      Enjoy selling Avon online!
      Mary Bertsch, Avon Representative

  3. Mary Kaisler

    Thank you so much for your help! I just set up a Google Business Page and a Pinterest Business Page. Neither of those would have been done if not for your class on Virtual Visionaries! Now onto You Tube! Thanks again

    1. admin

      Hi Mary,
      That’s great! You are starting your journey to selling more Avon online. YouTube is another great digital marketing strategy for Avon.
      Have a Great Day Selling Avon Online!
      Mary Bertsch, Avon Sales Representative

  4. Carolyn Cole

    I enjoyed your presentation at virtual visionaries. I’m trying to set up my google business. The only thing I can’t figure out is how to verify by phone. It will only let me do it by mail. How do I verify by phone? Thank you.. Carolyn Cole

    1. admin

      Hi Carolyn,
      I’m wondering if the only way you can verify is by a postcard since Google needs to verify your address. Actually that is the way I verified my Google account years ago. It really doesn’t take that long to get your postcard.

      Hope you have success in signing up for a Google My Business account!

      Mary Bertsch, Ind Avon Sales Rep

  5. Penny Shackley

    Hi Mary, I am not sure if I am in the correct space.
    My goal is to put my business online in the near future. I saw your video at #avonvisionaries.
    What I wanted to know right now, is where are you hosting this website?
    Thank you so very much!

    1. admin

      Hi Penny,

      That’s great you want to sell Avon online! I host my blog on There are lots of good hosting companies though. I’ve heard good things about and also. Just do your research online for the best hosting sites. Choose the one that is affordable and has good reviews.

      Best Wishes to your success on selling Avon online!

      Mary Bertsch, Avon Representative

      1. Penny Shackley

        Hi Mary!
        Thank you so very muchy! Just finished send out my first digital catalog. I only sent out about 20, it took several hours. (It was my first,) Do you have any tricks or tips that would help the process go faster. Is there something I am missing?
        Thank you again.

        1. admin

          Hi Penny,
          I don’t typically send out the Avon digital catalog per customer because of the time involved. Maybe experiment with which customers love the customization and go from there.
          Have a Great Day Selling Avon!

        2. Joann Richards

          Hi Mary, I love reading your blog on make up, skin care, and etc. I would to know do you have a blog on how to get start blogging? I would love to read it and know how you set up and what are using to blog with. Is it WordPress?

          1. Mary Bertsch, Avon Representative

            Hi Penny,

            Sorry, I haven’t had time to write a post on how to start an Avon blog. This blog is on WordPress. Here is good training on starting a blog.

            Hope that helps with marketing Avon online.

            Mary Bertsch
            Ind Avon Sales Rep

  6. Carol Watts

    Hi Mary, I really enjoyed your presentation on Avon Visionaries. Thanks for being so willing to help us grow our businesses. I look forward to reading you blog and learning more. THANK YOU!

    1. admin

      Thanks so much, Carol! It means so much to me to be able to help other Avon representatives. Keep checking back for more blog posts on selling Avon online.

      Have a Great Avon Selling Day!
      Mary Bertsch, Avon Representative

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