Avon Fragrance Selector for Women|Avon Perfume 2013

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Which Perfume is Right for You?

 Have you ever looked through an Avon Brochure for perfume? You need a new Avon perfume but just don’t know which Avon fragrance to choose? Some pages of the Avon Brochure do have scratch off scented pages so you can smell the Avon perfume. What about the Avon scents that you cannot test? I have many customers who like only floral or woody scents. So now for my online customers I have included with the Avon Brochure post an Avon Fragrance Selector for Women’s Avon perfumes. You can also choose Avon fragrances according to these categories: Blooming Floral, Seductive Oriental, Warm Woody, or Pure Fresh.

Avon Fragrance Selector for Women|Avon Perfume 2013

Another way to find the best Avon perfume for you is to “Shop Fragrance” at my Avon Online Store. You can shop by Avon Fragrance Type:

  • Avon Fresh Scent–Simply Because, Timeless, Imari
  • Avon Floral Scent–Forever, Candid, Odyssey, Outspoken, Rare Diamonds, Sweet Honesty, Eternal Magic, Haiku, Haiku Sunset, Infinite Moment, Rare Gold, Rare Pearls, Step into Sexy, Today
  • Avon Fruity Scent–Outspoken, Infinite Moment
  • Avon Oriental Scent–Love to the Fullest by Reese Witherspoon, Night Magic Evening Musk, Aromadisiac for Her, Far Away, Imari Seduction, Step Into Sexy, Tomorrow for Her
  • Avon Woody Scent–Night Magic Evening Musk, Odyssey, Timeless, Eternal Magic Enchanted, Imari, Imari Mystique, Tomorrow for Her
***For Avon New Women’s Fragrances for 2013 Click Here.

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