Avon Haiku Perfumes – Which Scent is Right for You?

Avon Haiku perfume for women

Have you heard of the signature Avon Haiku perfume family?

Do you love the original scent of Haiku? It’s actually my favorite fragrance.

Just out are three NEW Haiku fragrances by Avon! Let me tell you a little more about these fresh floral scents.

New Avon Perfumes for Women

Avon has released a new line of fragrances for the summer and they are perfect for your next night out! These three new scents mix together to create an unforgettable fragrance that will be perfect for your summer nights. It’s an easy way to layer on some extra glamour.

Maybe time to freshen up your perfume cabinet and start wearing something that smells like summertime. With so many perfumes on the market, it can be difficult to choose something that will work for you. Today I’m going to share with you six Haiku fragrances that all smell amazing!

Before I share my favorite Avon perfume for women, let me break down the importance of knowing fragrance notes. It’s an easy way to shop for a new fragrance, as you’ll know exactly what perfume notes are right for your personality and taste.

Why Shop from Perfume Notes

When you go to a perfume store, you might be overwhelmed by the number of choices available.

You want something that smells good and makes you feel confident, but it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Perfume notes make it easy to shop fragrances with detailed descriptions and illustrations of top, middle and base notes. Perfume notes are top, middle (heart), and base. Top notes are the first smells you can smell. Middle notes develop after a while, and base notes last the longest.

Take a look at these popular Avon fragrances. I’ve described them by their perfume notes to make it easier for you to choose that perfect perfume personality match.

Haiku Perfume Spray

Avon Haiku Perfumes - Which Scent is Right for You?

A serene, clean fragrance that’s filled with a sense of harmony and elegance.

With Japanese yuzu as its top note, delicate muguet in the middle notes, and blonde woods at its base for an airy finish – this Haiku scent will take you away to a beautiful garden oasis where tranquility awaits you from blooming flowers around every corner!

Haiku Eau de Parfum Spray Perfume Notes

  • Top: Japanese yuzu
  • Middle: Delicate muguet
  • Bottom: Blonde woods

Haiku Reflection Perfume

Avon Haiku Perfumes - Which Scent is Right for You?

Haiku Reflection Eau de Parfum is a great smelling fresh floral scent. It’s light and refreshing, like spring itself!

You will love Haiku Reflection because it smells so good and lasts all day without being overpowering. It’s great for year-round wear.

Haiku Reflection Perfume Notes

  • Top: Radiant water accord
  • Bottom: Acacia blossom
  • Base: Amber wood

Haiku Kyoto Flower Fragrance

Avon Haiku Perfumes - Which Scent is Right for You?

Looking for a fresh & clean scent? Haiku Kyoto Flower is a gorgeous scent.

This floral scent will make anyone nearby smell the sweet, floral aroma of white peony, soft cotton musk, and violet leaf. It’ll brighten up any outfit!

With the crisp breeze and beautifully blossoming flowers, it’s no wonder why this nature-inspired scent is such a popular Avon fragrance for women.

Haiku Kyoto Flower Perfume Notes

Enjoy fresh, floral scents with dewy, elegant and pure notes.

  • Top: Violet leaf
  • Middle: White peony
  • Bottom: Soft cotton musk

Haiku Intense Women’s Perfume

Avon Haiku Intense perfume for women

The new Haiku Intense versions of our signature Haiku family have potent, precious ingredients and a longer wear time for an elegant experience that lasts.

Create your own tranquil oasis with the latest version of Serene – luxe clean notes evoke the serenity in nature’s garden smell, including Japanese yuzu flowers (blooming) and delicate muguet (scented).

The fragrance is a light floral scent with elegant, pure tones that will make you feel like your skin has been kissed by sunshine on a warm summer day!

Haiku Intense Perfume Notes

  • Top: Japanese yuzu
  • Middle: Muguet
  • Bottom: Blonde woods

Haiku Sacred Intense Perfume

Avon Haiku Sacred Intense perfume for women

Can’t you just imagine the scent of tangerine, rose de mai and driftwood? Fresh & Clean – Fresh floral scents with dewy, elegant and pure notes.

The tangerine is citrusy while the rose de mai offers a hint of floral with its earthiness that makes it perfect for any occasion. Driftwood rounds out the fragrance creating an elegant yet simple finish to such a beautiful perfume!

Cool and refreshing, this scent will instantly clear your head. Spray on pulse points for a clean feminine scent!

These scents will last you throughout any occasion from work or playtime until bedtime!

Haiku Kyoto Flower Intense Fragrance

Avon Haiku Perfumes - Which Scent is Right for You?

Delight in an elegant fragrance of violet leaf, white peony and soft cotton musk.

The rich aroma will transport you to a serene garden where the scents lull your senses into pure bliss.

I love Haiku Kyoto Flower Intense for the scent because it’s beautiful. It does not overwhelm me, but still has plenty of fragrance that lasts all day. I get lots of compliments when I wear this!

Haiku Kyoto Flower Intense Perfume Notes

  • Violet leaf
  • White peony
  • Soft cotton musk

Avon Perfume FAQ

What does Avon Haiku smell like?

This top-selling perfume has the fragrance of a spiritual garden floral, created with notes of jasmine, citrus and lilies. It is soft yet enchanting in its own way; perfect for those who want to feel free as they wear it.

Does Avon still have the Haiku skin softener?

The Avon skin softeners are available for purchase again. This is a rich, creamy fresh floral scented softener.

What are the new Haiku Intense Avon perfumes?

* Haiku Sacred Intense
* Haiku Kyoto Flower Intense
* Haiku Intense

What is the best smelling Avon perfume?

Top 10 Avon Perfumes
1. Ginza Stefany in My Arms
2. Studio 1886 Gilded
3. Free 02 For Her
4. belif – The Garden
5. Far Away
6. Far Away Infinity
7. Haiku
8. Live Out Loud
9. Rare Diamonds
10. Rare Gold

Which Haiku by Avon Perfume is Right for You?

If you’re looking for a new fragrance this summer, check out these three new perfumes from Avon’s Haiku perfume collection. The new Haiku perfumes are as beautiful and delicate as the flowers they’re named for. The fragrances are available in both traditional and intense versions which means that there is something for every occasion. You can also find these Avon perfumes sale now on my Avon online store.

What do you think about these new fragrances? Would you wear them this summer? Share your thoughts here on my blog!

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