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Are you looking for the best Avon products for 2020? Discover the top 10 Avon best sellers in makeup, skin care, and bath products.

Are Avon products of good quality?

Is Avon a good brand?

Although Avon is one of the oldest beauty direct sales companies, you may not know what the best Avon products are.

Women trust the Avon brand name and have purchased their skincare and makeup products since 1886. When is the last time you viewed an Avon brochure?

Let me write a quick review of the best Avon products in 2020.

Top 10 Best Avon Products 2020

1. True Color Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner

Glimmersticks eyeliners are the Avon’s best sellers. With a 4.5 top-rated customer review, you can be assured of customer satisfaction.   With these eyeliners, you can define your eyes with perfect precision and smooth, glide-on, intensified color shades that will last for many hours. For ease and convenience, this product is retractable. Super easy to use!See the raving Glimmerstick eyeliner reviews.

best Avon products 2020 - Glimmersticks eyeliner

2. Avon Wash-Off Waterproof Mascara

Looking for the best waterproof mascara by Avon? This popular wash-off waterproof mascara stays on all day and can weather any storm. Plus, it’s so easy to take off! Quickly wash it off with soap and water. Perfect for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Read the Avon waterproof mascara reviews to see why customers love it for sensitive eyes.

Best Avon Products - Avon Wash-Off Waterproof Mascara

3. Magix Tint Brightening Tinted Moisturizer

Here’s the ultimate must-have multitasker when applying your makeup. The Avon tinted moisturizer enhances skin tone and gives you a naturally radiant complexion. Blur your imperfections with this Avon tinted moisturizer which is #3 on the list of best Avon products.

Best Avon Products - Magix Tint Moisturizer

4. Avon True Color Lipstick

Treat your lips to over 40 high-impact shades and two luxurious finishes; satin and shimmer. Formulated with shea butter that will moisturize and condition your lips. Choose from perfectly matte, nourishing, or the original Avon True Color lipstick.  

best Avon products 2020 - Avon True Color Lipstick

5. Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System

Bags under the eyes? Puffy eyes? Give your eyes a dramatic lift with this under-eye cream and upper-eye brow bone gel treatments. It visibly lifts and depuffs your eyes. Read a recent Avon Anew Clinical eye cream review:
“I have used this for years. Nothing truly tightens the skin of my upper eyelid, but this is the best thing I’ve tried, with the best results.”

Best Avon Product - Clinical Eye Lift Pro

6. Avon Anew Ultimate Day Cream

The Anew Ultimate Day Cream with SPF 25 is an anti-aging moisturizer that defines the look of a sagging jawline. This daily moisturizer makes skin appear lifted while providing protection from the sun. Fight multiple signs of aging with diminished wrinkles, firmer skin, and more even skin tone. This is one of Avon’s best-selling Anew moisturizers. Read why the Ultimate Day cream has a 4.7-star rating.

Read about other top Avon Anew Skin Care Products that are best for your age. Choosing the right anti-aging skin care regimen can be started at any age but, of course, is best if you begin in your 20’s.

best Avon products 2020 - Anew Ultimate Day Cream

7. Hydra Fusion 1.5% Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Hydra Fusion Hyaluronic Acid Serum Hyaluronic acid for skincare has many benefits. Avon’s hyaluronic acid serum delivers powerful hydration that visibly plumps the look of expression and fine lines. Get lasting hydration for your dry skin with this moisture-boosting serum. See why customers keep buying this Avon best product.

 Hydra Fusion Hyaluronic Acid Serum Hyaluronic acid for skincare has many benefits. Avon's hyaluronic acid serum delivers powerful hydration that visibly plumps the look of expression and fine lines. Get lasting hydration for your dry skin with this moisture-boosting serum. See why customers keep buying this Avon best product.

10 best Avon products 2020

8. Avon Ultimate Night Cream

Moisturize while you sleep with Avon’s top-selling night cream. Looking to combat multiple signs of aging? Anew Ultimate night cream works as an anti-aging moisturizer that will give you back your youthful skin.

Best Avon Skincare Product - Ultimate Night Cream

9. Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil

Who remembers Skin So Soft? This is Avon’s most iconic brand! Infused with jojoba oil, Skin So Soft bath oil will moisturize your skin during bathtime. Buy Avon Skin So Soft bath oil and you will find out why customers give it a 4.9-star rating. It will become your favorite bath oil too!  

best Avon products 2020 - Skin So Soft bath oil

10. Bug Guard Plus IR3535 Expedition Family Size Pump Spray SPF30

The best-selling Avon bug repellent is the Expedition pump spray. This product gives you both protection from the insects and sun. It is known for repelling deer ticks that may carry and transmit Lyme Disease.   A deet-free insect repellent that moms buy for their family. Don’t be left without the Bug Guard Expedition this summer!  

best Avon products 2020 - Bug Guard Plus Expedition

All of these top best Avon products 2020 can be purchased from my Avon online store.  

Avon Makeup Products

Let’s take a deeper dive into the current trendy makeup products by Avon. If you are looking for an Avon makeup sales, see the latest prices.

Best Avon Makeup Products

Discover the best-selling makeup products by Avon. Customers give these products a high-rating and great reviews.

Best Selling Avon Makeup Products

New and Trending Avon Makeup Products

Have you seen the new on-trend Avon makeup? You can even try these products on with out new virtual try-on tool.

New and trending Avon makeup products

Avon Makeup Gift Sets

Save money and time by buying Avon makeup gift sets. These value bundles have a great low price. Great ideas for gift-giving!


The Avon Makeup Beauty Brands

What’s your favorite Avon beauty brand? I’ve listed the Avon products for makeup users below by beauty brand.

Avon Makeup Trends 2020

Top Avon Eye Makeup Products

Avon eye makeup products


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Latest Avon Makeup Sales

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As an Avon representative, I appreciate each and every customer.

Happy shopping for the best Avon products in 2020!  

What’s your best Avon product in 2020? Leave your comment below. I would love to add your product to this list.


  1. Hi Mary,
    I am an Avon representative also….I was wondering where you got a hold of the 10 Best Avon Products for 2020? I would like to get a hold of that to put on my website. I’m not all that computer savie so I haven’t learned where to be able to do this type of stuff to enhance my website (Avon website of course). Could you help? I really do like your page.

    1. Hi Barb,

      You can find the Top 10 best-sellers: The Best Avon Products on your Avon online store. It’s under the Avon What’s New tab.

      Avon has training for online sales in the Avon USA Representatives and Social Selling by Avon Social Facebook pages.

      Have fun selling Avon online!

      1. Yes, I am aware of the training
        .you see I have sold Avon for the last 30 yrs. I didn’t notice on my Avon page (customer page) where the top 10 were
        I will have to investigate. LOL Thanks for the info.

        1. WOW! 30 years selling Avon! That’s impressive! Congrats!

  2. Hi Mary, just wanted to say hi x I’m an avon rep from N.Ireland

    1. Hi Monica,

      Nice you stopped by my Avon blog. That’s cool that you are a rep selling Avon products in Northern Ireland. How’s everything there?

      Mary Bertsch
      Ind Avon Sales Representative

  3. Hello!

    My all time favorite Avon product is the eye remover. I’ve used it for many years and have never found any I like better. I use it every night on a cotton ball. One bottle lasts me months.

    1. Hi Karen,

      I agree! Avon Eye Makeup Remover is the BEST! I use it daily to remove my mascara. Thanks for sharing your best Avon product!

      Thanks for shopping Avon catalog online!
      Mary Bertsch, Avon Representative

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